Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Saga

Yes, I am a new Mom. And I write about poop. A lot.

It appears I found the cure for her constipation. At least today. Yes, I did up her dose of the med the doctor gave her. But I don't think that was the answer.

The thing that got things, um, going?


Roasted, cooled, peeled, puréed (with a small amount of water) and fed to her with tofu and carrots.

Man, oh man, did that work. 4 times and 3 outfits in one day work.

I yi yi.

1 comment:

Mama Bear said...

As Papa B would say, "uff da!" Miss Lilia did 3 outfits one day last week, too. Fun stuff, no? Mine fortunately no longer mess their outfits, it just takes 3 outfits to make it through a day... sheesh, I never knew that!

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