Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Egg on Face

You know how when you rant publicly, usually the next day you are pretty much proven wrong? Well, yeah. A nurse called with my test results (no problems), and offered to refer me immediately to a dermatologist since this was causing me "so much discomfort". Finally! No week-waiting! She wasn't sure she could get me in with their normal guy in a timely manner, and she assumed I probably didn't want to wait a long time (assumption correct), so she said she'd see what she could do, but I might have to drive a ways.

Fine. Not a problem. I last filled up with gas on Feb. 1 and still have 1/4 tank--it's not like I'm driving a ton, so it might be a refreshing change. Who knows, maybe there will be an Old Navy nearby Dermatologist X--that would be enjoyable. And I am just really relieved to have someone who listened to me and didn't make me feel like I was exaggerating. My doctors in the past (and my current one who is great) have always loved the fact that I am very in touch with my own state of being, and know when something's not right, and am the first to go in and have it checked out. I watched my mother self-medicate for years, and watched her die when there was a big problem she didn't want to face because she wouldn't ask for help. If normal OTC stuff doesn't work quickly, I get help from experts. I don't mess around with health stuff; it's just too important.

OK, end rant. I'll update you on the lip situation, if you care. (Aside to Jenn: Tried the butt paste. Felt weird putting butt paste on my mouth. It didn't help--even seemed to dry out faster than carmex or chap stick. Back to the drawing board, but thanks again for the tip.)

Today, Rowan woke as fussy as she has been over the last few days, and I was worried. But she is now on nap #2 and had a good couple hours between where she played and didn't cry the entire time (as she has for the last week--she's either been asleep or crying or crying while asleep.) Plus, Dr. B called and is coming home early to help out with her. And she let me put saline drops in her nose without crying, twice. That's progress. She's also had 2 poopy diapers, which we haven't seen in 2 days. Hallelujah! Working on it--meds + yams worked until she was sick of yams. Now we're eliminating applesauce, adding prunes again and trying quick oats. We are also taking out her vitamins and just giving her fluoride drops--I'm suspecting the iron is doing it, because it does that to me. She is eating better today (she enjoyed the oatmeal/prune combo), and nursing more, so all this points to her starting to feel better. She's still got a runny nose, and gets mad when I wipe it away (she prefers to eat it--yuck!), but her cough seems a little better, and she's sleeping more soundly.

The clouds are lifting...

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Sarita said...

Yay! Glad Rowan is starting to feel better! She's been sick a long time. :( And yay! about the doctor's appt. for you. And Unilever coupons! :)

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