Friday, March 21, 2008

Sugar, Sugar! Ba ba ba ba buh baaaaahhhhh!!!!

I started this post earlier, and thought, "oh, how wonderful it would be to put in a real poll for people to take!" I started Googling. I wrote the post. The poll didn't work. Trying to figure out why, I googled some more. Then realized it was a template problem. Googled some more.

I now have about 47 tabs open on how to fix this problem, and I've gotten absolutely nowhere.

Except, of course, to the bottom of the candy bowl.

Easter candy is a very special thing, because unlike Halloween candy which is mainly just orange and black regular candy, and Christmas candy which is mainly just starlite mints in a cane shape, Easter candy is completely unavailable at any other time of year. So much so that my mom, bless her heart, used to buy Mini Eggs for me and freeze them so I could have them any time I wanted. The shells all fell off, but they were still delicious. And yummy frozen, too. You think I'd actually wait for them to thaw? Pshaw. I think she may have also done this for my sister, who is a Peep Freak. But then again, Rock probably just hid them under her bed. She was known for having up to 5 years worth of Halloween candy under there, so I'm pretty sure there must have been some Peeps, too.

Anyway, since this is a timely post, I might as well just ask you to leave your answer in the comments and I'll figure out this poll thing eventually.

Here's my question:

What's your favorite Easter Candy?

My options were going to be: Peeps (they're cute as heck but I hate actually eating them, sorry Kyliemac ), Cadbury Mini Eggs (my personal fave), Cadbury Cream Eggs (the yolks creep me out a bit), Cadbury Caramel Eggs (you should just surrender 3 teeth when you buy one they have so much sugar), Jelly Beans (I go for black ones, but also like making "lipstick" from the red ones), Malted Milk Eggs (for Mama Bear), or Reese's Peanutbutter eggs (for Flare.) Or whatever else floats your boat.

So, what's rotting your teeth about now?


mage2001 said...

you have a list of easter candy and don't even include the quintessential classic - old school?! the chocolate bunny?
not the hollow one either - the solid really good chocolate....

cadbury eggs are a close second though - the sugar in those buggers always made my teeth hurt - eeek. the pleasure pain couldn't compete with just the plain old chocolate. :)

Sarita said...

I love peanut butter cups but the egg versions are gross. They are not the same recipe and I can't eat them. I don't know what exactly they changed. They taste more artificial than the originals, if that is possible. For some reason I can kid myself with the real ones (like eat a whole bag) but not with the eggs.

I used to be a huge fan of Cadbury Cream Eggs when I was kid. I loved Easter just for that. Now I can't eat them - they are too sweet!

Guess I am getting old and boring.

If they sold a slave-free chocolate version of Cadbury Mini-Eggs I would be so psyched. I think I love those the most now. They are the perfect combo of chocolate and hard outer shell. Yum. If my mom sends them, then I can't feel guilty right?

Happy Easter!

Mama Bear said...

ONLY Brach's malted milk eggs though. Any other malted milk ball is disgusting... only Brach's, that's very important!

Hubby loves the Russell Stover Coconut nests. Little does he know that the Easter Bunny could not find even 1 to put in his basket this year. Bah!

La Rêveuse said...

Sorry, Maggie. I guess I have a mental block about them. We got the "your Mom's in the hospital (she's going to die)" call on Easter Sunday, and I had 2 chocolate bunnies in the car, which melted on the way there. I haven't eaten one since.

Morbid, I know. But every time I see them now, that's what I think of. Dr. B's was a cool race car bunny, too.

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