Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mom still dresses up, too. Halloween 2012

My costume this year: Maude Lebowski from the phone scene in The Big Lebowski.

Specs: wig was an Electra auburn wig that I cut short. It curled under naturally, so it was very easy to do. I got it at Party City, but can't find it online right now. It was about 20 bucks.

Robe was a self-design, made of dark green felt. I wanted velvet, but they didn't have any in this color and the price would have been prohibitive anyway. It approximates her costume quite well, and is super comfy to boot. I wore it to a Halloween party Friday night, and those who'd seen the movie loved it. I am surprised by how many people have not seen the movie. Travesty! I wore it with a tank and jean skirt underneath, and black knee-high boots like she wears in the painting scene. I also approximated her makeup, though my attempt to create the lipstick shade wasn't exact, but whatever. So I was Technicolor Maude.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween, and get lots of good candy!

Ruby Gloom and an uncooperative strawberry: Happy Halloween 2012!

We've survived Hurricane Sandy with no damage, and didn't even lose power. But, despite being home all together for 2 days, Halloween still managed to sneak up on us, and our pumpkins are yet uncarved. School is back on today, so we woke a little earlier to get ready. The girls enjoyed jack o'lantern oatmeal and then Rowan sat patiently for her hair and makeup session. She decided way back in November last year that she wanted to be Ruby Gloom, and surprisingly, never changed her mind about her costume. I found the perfect little black velvet dress on sale at Walmart after Christmas, and due to the snow today, we had to top it with a little long-sleeved velvet shrug she had just so she wouldn't be too cold. She wore black bike shorts underneath for warmth and so she can play without flashing the kindergarten, and the tights are actually adult socks purchased from an online clown supply company. We sprayed her hair red, added a little black makeup for brows, freckles and lashes, and she is Ruby Gloom! She was so excited, she didn't even complain about having to carry 6 quarts of apple juice to school for her party.

My sister had given us a bunch of theater makeup from a company she worked for that went out of business, so I'll be interested to see how it lasts. It was beautiful to work with and went on very smoothly. Since she is only 5, we skipped the white base--better chance she'll still be OK with it by the end of the day, in time to trick-or-treat tonight.

She had wanted Anya to go as Doom Kitty, Ruby's sidekick, but Anya protested. I happened to see (and totally fall in love with) this strawberry costume at Old Navy, and it was on sale, so there you go. It's cute as a button and warm, too, so it was a no brainer. Anya, however, was not interested in posing or even looking in the camera's general direction this morning, so we will make another attempt later, but this might be it.

We wish you a safe and fun Halloween! May your bucket be filled with all your favorite treats!
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