Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Things are looking up. The weather is thinking about improving. Today was sunny and in the 40's, though the temperature dropped back down once the sun went down. Stars were clear and bright in the sky as I took Lucy for her 9 o'clock walk. The grass has hints of green in it, and only the dregs of snirt remain on the berm. It still doesn't feel like Spring, but there is a chilly promise that it will come, before too long.

My cold is much better, as is Dr. B's. Rowan still has the ishy river o' snot running from nose to mouth, but she's learned that it's very tasty and quickly sucks her upper lip into her mouth after sneezing, whipping her head from side to side in protest when we come at her with a tissue. She's eating again (things other than snot), though she's decided she's had enough of yams for a while. She's pooping. (Yes!! *pumps fist*) She's playing, and even laughs and smiles on occasion. And, she's napping, for good ones. Touch wood, she's also going to sleep without rocking, cajoling, singing, stories, or lying ins. I'm sure that now that I've said this, it will change, but I'm enjoying it thoroughly at the moment.

Tomorrow we're driving to a town nearly 2 hours away for an appointment with a dermatologist. The local guy's next available appointment was in mid-August, but another doc had a cancellation in Danville, so we're driving. I can't wait.

Dr. B decided that Spring Break really was not supposed to mean "work all the time", and after 2 days of going to work when nobody else did, he spent today at home, working some of the time, and watched Rowan this afternoon while I ran a bunch of errands. Without a baby in a carseat to slow me down, I actually had the flexibility to try on clothes and found a great pair of jeans on sale at Target. They look a lot cuter than the picture, and they fit great. Plus, they're a size smaller than I thought I was. Bonus! (Thanks to my sister--I finally cashed in that Birthday gift card that's been burning a hole in my wallet since August, and which you ordered to be spent only on myself.)

Little things, but they make a difference. Maybe tomorrow I'll have an answer for my chappy little problem. One can only hope!

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The Bold Soul said...

Oh, I know of Danville. My sister went to Bloomsburg and her son is a junior there now. Danville has a very good medical center there, so chances are the doctors in that area are going to be above-average. Hope it went well for you!

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