Monday, March 03, 2008


Dr. B is home from a week-long business trip, to Madison of all places, and he brought with him a whole bunch of delectable spices and herbs from Penzey's and a lovely cold. Yay. (Well, to be honest, I was feeling one start before he even arrived, so I can't really blame it on him.) The weekend was spent doing much of nothing except being sick, but he's back at work today. I made it to Target yesterday, but it proved my undoing. My cold has ramped up, and I feel horrible, so the usual Monday plan of menu planning, cleaning the bathrooms, washing sheets, and vacuuming will just have to wait. I'm too busy. I have to evacuate my nose every five seconds, and there's just all that blinking to do.

Rowan took her morning nap early, allowing me to shower and even sneak in an hour of Zzz's with her. She's happily bouncing in her Jumperoo and playing with her new Oball, which is the bomb (thanks to Lisa's friend whomever-you-are for grabbing one for us in Altoona!)
[photo of it is from Amazon] I am thankful that she's in a good mood, despite the telltale snot and coughing that she's starting to display. So far, we've been very lucky. When she's sick, she doesn't seem to get too upset about it. I just wish she had that same reaction to being tired and taking naps.

But we do have something to look forward to. Yesterday, I blew our budget out of the water. Though I was not happy about doing it (it took me ages to hit the "confirm" buttons), I am happy about the results.

A. I got Rowan's new carseat, on the Britax sale. Saved 60 bucks and got free shipping. This should last her several years. Woo hoo!

B. I got plane tickets, a hotel reservation and a rental car reserved for my sister's wedding reception weekend in Minneapolis in April. The in-laws are coming, too, and much of my family will be there, including my 85-year old grandparents. The deal was so good that the hotel and rental car only added about a hundred bucks to the cost of the tickets. Can't turn that down.

And just as I was typing this, a friend dropped by with her dog to take Lucy for a walk. This, plus the existence of extra-large Kleenex*, is proof that I have a guardian angel.

(*These are the bomb, BTW; you can really blow without covering your hand in snot, and you can use them more than once without having to search for the tiniest dry corner. They're like a dish-towel Kleenex. AWESOME. Plus, the box fits in our cool kleenex box cozy Dr. B got from one of his students. I think she was from Taiwan. Anyway, it doesn't hold the taller boxes, but the flattish extra larges fit great.)

So today, I'm going to play some Scrabulous, try to figure out this BlogHer stuff, and drink my weight in OJ and Theraflu. The vacuuming can wait.

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Anonymous said...

We love the Oball at our house too. Max likes to carry it around in his mouth! So funny.

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