Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day

We had two gorgeous days this weekend--65-70F, sunny, neighbors out and chatting, and things were really looking up. Everyone was in a great mood. We ate on the patio, walked the dog without our jackets, and played in the sandbox. It was lovely.

Today was not gorgeous. Cool, cloudy, rainy, and one of those days where everything that could possibly be annoying just was. Rowan wanted to eat constantly all day long, except when I made actual food. Money is tighter than we'd like it and there are more zits on my chin than ever!!! Things that had been taken care of weren't, glitches happened, and someone forgot to refill the TP. Facebook was full of complaints about politics and THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT OMG, the yogurt soured, the projects I wanted to complete got waylaid and Dr. B didn't make it home in time for dinner that looked horrible but tasted good, even though Rowan wouldn't eat it although she wanted a PB&J and apples and applesauce and crackers. The laundry still isn't put away.

But, I'm trying really hard to look on the bright side. The magnolia tree on the next block is blooming, and Rowan thinks they "feel like socks!" God bless her, she was in a great mood even when her mother wasn't. I can look down and watch my stomach moving like dolphins surfacing. (Or sharks. Nope, looking on the bright side. Going with dolphins.) I have a lunch date with a friend after my doc appointment tomorrow, and am picking up a free tricycle from our local Freecycle. I goofed around with my template again and the new Draft Blogger tool thingee is much easier to use. Still not perfect, but more interesting, I hope. (Do you like it?)

Spring is coming, things are getting done, and progress is being made. Not always easy to see that through this flurry of hormones, but I'm trying.


sing2mi said...

I like the new format. :-) And for someone that had that kind of day, you were amazing composed last night!!! I hope we helped lift you a bit...I have gone in feeling horrid and come out feeling pretty darn good.

hope your appt goes well today and that lunch is not only nourishing, but revitalizing!

Mama Bear said...

Trees are blooming? Now I'M having a terrible day, there aren't trees anywhere close to blooming here. Sigh. And Facebook and the doom prophecies... yeah, I get that. Actually had to hide some "friends" because I couldn't stand any more of the end of the world crud.
Feel better! You have spring!

mage2001 said...

I like it A lot! helps that you have pics of Rowan every where... :) i think that may have somethign to do with it too!

La Rêveuse said...

Sing2mi, yeah, you did. I didn't mention it because I was determined to not spread the negativity. Helped to have a mental break! Lunch was good on both counts today, and the trike is awesome!

Mama, sorry! It's only the magnolias, and they are really early here (the crabs aren't blooming or anything and won't for a month or two). Crocuses are blooming, but tulips have just started to pop through.

Thanks, MagE. I like her pics, too.

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