Friday, March 19, 2010

French pj's are so cute, wear them as clothes!

When we were in Paris last May, Aimee got us into the Message group's annual brocante (tag sale) early by manning the snacks table, and they let me in on her say so. This allowed me to scope out the cute stuff and score several darling dresses, books, and this little outfit for Rowan to bring back to the US. It was too big last year, but when I heard 70 degrees predicted for today, I knew it was the perfect time to break it out. A Japanese print on a delicate cotton lawn, with tulip cuffs and contrasting borders, it's absolutely adorable.

As she "swam" in the bathtub, I read the tag. It's pajamas. No Dora the Explorer--French jammies are gorgeous.

Pbft. Who cares? It's darling, and it's her favorite color.

Sigh. I miss France.

*PS I am not sure what is up with the goofy faces whenever a camera is present. I hope this is just a phase.

UPDATE: on a walk, she tripped in the grass and tore a hole in the knee and grass stained them pretty badly. Really delicate fabric. Darn it.


Mama Bear said...

She looks adorable! I like the face. Also love the cute sandals, and no one could ever think these are pajamas. They are made to be shown off, not slept in!

The Bold Soul said...

"delicate fabric"... and THAT'S why they're pajamas. But too cute for just sleeping in.

Find some pretty fabric that coordinates with the color scheme and make some knee patches to go on the pants. You can salvage them, I'm sure.

The Bold Soul said...

PS Georges' youngest is 8 1/2 and still makes the goofy faces when the camera is pointed at him. It's rare when I can get a natural shot of his precious face, but sometimes I get lucky.

Sophie Anderson said...

She looks so cute in that outfit! Its really a shame she fell and tore it!

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