Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rowan's new Freecycle Tricycle!

A friend suggested joining Freecycle to look for a piano. I've just gotten started, but it's a really wonderful service. When a neighbor put a perfectly good mountain bike next to the trash, I listed it and it was taken hours later with a nice thank you. I just *hate* seeing perfectly good stuff go into the landfill, so this service is really fabulous.

The other day I was looking at trikes for her. She's ready. Her own little scooter is too small, and she's growing up fast. I thought it was worth asking, and lo and behold--look what we got! Less than a week later, a practically brand new trike--probably the one I would have bought anyway (it's still listed on Amazon) and in fantastic condition, not a scratch. For free. LOVE it. So thanks to Barb from Bellefonte--Rowan is thrilled with her new Big Girl Trike!

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sing2mi said...

it's AMAZING what they give away (the 55 gallon tank in my kitchen came from freecycle - filter, rocks and stand included!) Have you been to the Trash2Treasure sale at the Ag arena? It's all stuff kids leave behind in their dorm rooms to be thrown away. Literal *tons* of things!

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