Monday, February 18, 2008

What's for Supper?

Monday is here, and it's Menu Plan time again. Thanks again to Laura for hosting! Last week our menu got pretty messed up, thanks to the flu, a blizzard and Dr. B being absolutely swamped at work. This week, hopefully we can stick to it a little better. We did take advantage of an Xmas gift card, though, for a night, so it didn't totally blow the budget! I'm working hard to use what we have and reuse leftovers in new dishes, comme c'est typique en France . Anyone got a good name for this? I'm stumped.

Anyway, the menu planning is working very well for me (I'm less stressed, my jeans feel looser, and I am not wasting food), but not so much for Dr. B. He is a stress eater, and tends to open the fridge and stare/grab when he's freaked out (which usually is about 15 minutes before a meal is on the table. Grrr.) Then later, he feels guilty and tells me not to buy any junk food. Then when I don't keep a bunch of extra stuff in the house, he tends to get mad at me or else eat the ingredients for a meal, despite the fact that he reads this and sees the list posted. This weekend there were no chips for the lunch tuna melts because of it. He's going through a really stressful time at work, so I'm adding chips, chocolate, cheese sticks, diet Coke, and some of those single-serving microwave popcorn packs to the list. (It's not like he chooses an apple when he's stressed--get real!) Then at least I don't get yelled at.

So here's the plan for this week.

Monday Dr. B is going to be late. I have leftover turkey cutlets with a red wine reduction sauce and glazed carrots from last night, and I'll prepare some starchy accompaniment for myself. Maybe a little pasta.

Tuesday Our Valentine's Day! :) NY Strip steaks, Garlic Mashed Potatoes* (recipe from Pioneer Woman), Salad, baguette, a bottle of Bordeaux, and Ice cream. Yum.

Wednesday Spanish Tortilla I never made last week, salad.

Thursday Turkey kielbasa Sausage, onion and pepper hoagies, oven-baked fries.

Friday My Mom's Meatloaf, potatoes*, corn*.

Saturday Lunch: Meatloaf sandwiches*, chips, fruit Supper: Sausage corn chowder with Potatoes*

Sunday Lunch: Leftover chowder*, bread, CPA Supper: Hard-shell beef tacos, Spanish rice

*indicates the leftover liaison--I'll make more of one dish than we need and incorporate it into the other meal.


Maggie said...

Everything looks yummy! My DH is a stress eater too.

Sonshine said...

Oh I love meatloaf and meatloaf sandwiches!! I haven't had those in a long time(mostly cause no one but me like meatloaf!).

Looks like a yummy week planned. I hear ya about hubby grabbing things while you are fixing a meal, happens at my place all the time!

I call my leftover meals..."leftover makeovers".

Sarita said...

Yeah, I agree, Meatloaf sounds like a great idea and so yummy. I might have to put that on the list next week. This week I made sloppy joes from this recipe.

They were so yummy but we had no left-overs!

I'm trying to plan my meals out better too. We eat pretty well but we have a lot of the same reflexes as you guys and we are really bad about forgetting leftovers or letting some vegetables go bad. Although this morning I put potatoes in the pressure cooker at 7:45 am so that I had some ready for various points during the week.

Thanks for your inspiration! :)

Teri said...

I just stumbled onto your blog through the Meal Plan Monday list...anyway, Robin Miller on Food Network calls them "Rollover Meals" :)

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