Monday, February 11, 2008

What's for Supper?

OK, it's Monday and Menu Planning time again. And I have a sick baby, so the store trip is going to have to wait. Therefore, this menu will definitely change based on what happens with her, but here's what's in the works for this week, at least so far. Also, you can find the recipe for Dr. B's Sorta-Thai Curry from last week here. Thanks again, Laura!

Monday: The Beef Chicken and Black Bean Enchiladas (I forgot there is leftover chicken thighs that we didn't need all of for the curry yesterday. Gotta use them up.) I didn't make this weekend, because we went to some friends' home for Cincinnati Chili on Saturday. (We liked it!)
Tuesday: Norwegian Meatballs, potatoes and gravy and corn (because they're in the house already). Either that or go out because our friend's birthday is Tuesday. But if Rowan's still puking, that won't be happening.
Wednesday: Dr. B has a meeting. I have a frozen pizza. Hopefully I'll get to the store by this day.
Thursday: It's Valentine's Day! I don't know yet what we're going to do. We're still in discussions on this one. I was thinking steak, but he wasn't feeling it. We'll see.
Friday: Shrimp Creole with brown rice, salad
Saturday: Lunch: Red Pepper/Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (I put this soup on the menu every week and we never get around to eating it. So here it is again!) Supper: Turkey breast cutlets with Sauce Poivre, leftover brown rice that I'll probably jazz up somehow (I'll make extra), glazed carrots.
Sunday: Lunch: Tuna melts, chips and CPA Supper: Spanish Tortilla (the potato/egg one, not the flatbread), salad

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