Thursday, February 21, 2008


It finally happened. 8 and a half months old. She's pulling herself up to standing, applauding, feeding herself happily, can pick the Gerber peach puffs out of a mess of Cheerios, and yet could not do that one simple thing the doctors/books/websites had been saying would be the first thing she did.

We have a playdate tomorrow. It doesn't matter, I know, but still. It always comes up. Who did what when and who can do what now. The comparathon. I dread it. (But there will be beer.)

And she finally did it. I left her on her tummy yesterday afternoon in the middle of the bed and went into the bathroom for obvious reasons. When I got back, she was there, flat on her back, happily flipping channels.

Yeah, she can also work the remote. What can I say? I guess she's very advanced.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Comparathon, that's a good term for it. I hate it too. I don't ever start the conversations like this with other moms of babies the same age are yours are unavoidable. What can ya do?

Yay for Rowan and the pulling up. She's going to be walkin' before you know it! Your life is going to change! Hehe.

And flipping channels with the remote is impressive. Max still eats the remote and thinks it's a telephone.

Mama Bear said...

Time to drag out the childproofing box. :) Now you have to learn how to open those darn childproof cabinets.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to my three year old nephew on the phone one day and he was pulling up videos on Youtube. They didn't even have remotes or computers when I was a baby!

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