Sunday, May 25, 2008

With Crap Extract for Extra Crappy Flavor

I went into the "Oriental" Grocery next to Blockbuster the other night, looking for curry paste and some snackins for our movie night.  I wandered through the isles, noting that most of the food was not in English or French or anything I could read.  Note to self: must be an authentic "Oriental" grocery (the American version of the word, not the French, which would refer to Arabic stuff).  I was floored by the huge display of one-serving sized bags of poofy crispy strangely-flavored and oddly-shaped snacks, and thrilled by the bizarre characters on the packaging.  This particular little yellow whale with a crown and a knowing smirk caught my eye.

Then I read the ingredients. Please note the next-to-last one.


You know I had to buy it.  And actually, it was quite delicious.  Good crap!
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Anonymous said...

Me and my girlfriend had a slightly different incident regarding the "crap extract" this past weekend (6/22/08). We didn't find out that the product had "ode de feces" until after we had our first bites.

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