Sunday, May 11, 2008

I don't care if my Mother's Day gift is insulting.

mother and daughter, originally uploaded by pomegranates.

Happy Mother's Day, to all you other mothers out there. I hope you had a great one!

Today, for me, was wonderful. I was remembered by friends and family (which was wonderful), and Dr. B treated me like a queen. He may not have showered me with cards and flowers (fine with me), but he tried to do things that were really meaningful.

OK, yeah, I did have a little something to do with that.

Last night, before bed, I got to thinking. The night before, I had about 4 hours sleep total. Rowan took a long time to go down, and woke at 5:30 and decided she was up. Period. We were having a friend over to BBQ, so her nap time was not available to me because I was getting the house and food ready. I was worn out. When our friend left, we all lied down for a nap. Rowan's was about an hour. Dr. B slept for about 3 1/2 hours. By the time I got to lie down (as soon as I could after our friend left), I got a stinkin' 30 minutes. I was wiped.

So, I said to Dr. B, "since tomorrow's Mother's Day, if Rowan wakes up at 5 AM, can you go deal with her?" He agreed immediately, and we headed up to bed.

At 1:30 AM, she started crying.

"But it's not even 2 yet!" he yelled, sitting up with a start.

I smiled and rolled over, and relished the fact that I didn't have to get up. "She doesn't care what time it is," I said.

He headed into her room, quieted her, and slept with her in his arms in the guest bed, while I stretched out in our big bed and fell back to sleep.

This morning, he brought her in to nurse at 7. When she was done, I brought her down to where he was in the kitchen making himself breakfast, handed her over, and turned to go back to bed. A bit panicked, he asked for help making her breakfast first. I warmed her oatmeal, pulled out the tofu and applesauce to mix in, and handed him the spoon. I honestly don't remember climbing the stairs.

At 9:30, he came in and handed her to me again, and said he needed a shower. I held and played with her until he was done. Then I handed her back, and went back to sleep until 10:48.

This was payback for that 3 1/2 hour nap.

Soon after I woke, she went down for her morning nap, and Dr. B joined her. I ate a little chocolate for breakfast (diets don't exist on Mother's Day), read my email and blogs, and took a shower. After a nice lunch (I cooked! On Mother's Day! Above and beyond the call of duty, I tell you...) we got ready and went out. We did a little shopping, and then drove to Selin's Grove, Pennsylvania for dinner at the Selin's Grove Brewpub (very good--great beer, and their spinach artichoke dip is to die for!)

I had more trouble getting her to bed tonight, so I sent Dr. B up to finish her off. (Lately, I will get her to sleep, but as soon as my toe crosses the threshold to leave, she wakes up and screams. After 4 such episodes, I needed to call in reinforcements.) While he laid down with her again (and fell asleep--he's still up there), I played with my new toy, my Mother's Day gift. Some people might think this is an insulting present, but I am completely and utterly thrilled with it. I chose it myself, and I know it will make my life easier. Yes, I have things that do this already, and yes this is another appliance that I really didn't *need*, and yes it is an energy sucker and wasteful, but I don't care. It works. It sucks. All those stupid little bits that are everywhere right now and driving me nuts, sucked up with no bending and scraping. And it spits and wipes, so hopefully she won't have grungy knees on her sleepers anymore. It makes cleaning easier. And easier means less stressful, which to me is as valuable as a day at the spa. Yay for insulting presents that make my life easier!!!

Happy Mom's Day!

***Illustration by pomegranates on flickr, creative commons licensed. Please check out her other stuff!!! And thanks, pomegranates, for licensing it for use and letting me blog it!


The Bold Soul said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day and you got to design it yourself! You're a good mommy model for "if you don't ask for what you want, you won't get it". And more women should help their anxious husbands get more comfortable doing baby-care. Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Mama Bear said...

Happy Mother's Day! Oh, and if it makes your life easier, it's a GREAT Mother's Day gift. I asked for and got working sprinklers and a new (not used like every other one I have had) garden trowel. Yay for practical!

Kelly said...

Oh, you are going to LOVE your gift!!! I have one of those I it makes doing the floors so much easier and gets time so much cleaner. I am always amazed at how much nasty stuff is in the dirty container when I'm done. I eventually had to order extra pads and filters b/c they got so filthy I couldn't clean them well anymore. It is my favorite little cleaning tool. Which is reminding me that I should probably do the floors today!!
Happy Mother's day to you...glad it was a good one!

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