Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bye-bye, Poop Smell!!!*

When I was a kid, my dad would sometimes get into these moods. Mom called them "Handy Andy" moods--he'd decide something had to be done, fixed, or upgraded and usually the results were less than desirable. One weekend at the lake cabin, he decided the little electric heater we only used once every three years was too noisy. After about 3 hours "fixing" it, during which it exploded in his face and singed off his eyebrows and eyelashes, he left it, cover off with two screwdrivers sticking out of it. "Done!" he said. The screwdrivers stayed there for the rest of the summer and fall. I guess they don't teach you how to fix little heaters in Master Electrician/Electrical Engineering school.

This weekend, when Dr. B, who is decidedly not an electrician, uttered the fatal words, "I'm gonna do a project!" I got a little scared.

All of a sudden the bathrooms both had fans that were too noisy, inefficient and energy-wasting. And of course, it would be easy to do. Simple. No problem! He found the perfect fan. Energy efficient! Quiet!! And extremely, incredibly effective!!!

"It'll clear a fart from the room in 3 seconds FLAT!!!"**


After assuring me that this was absolutely necessary and I would be so happy he'd done it, he headed off to Lowe's.

8 hours, 2 more trips to Lowe's, 500 bucks and a hole in my kitchen ceiling later, it was finally done.***

Oh well, at least he'll have to repaint the kitchen for me now.

*Yes, I am 14 years old. I am still giggling.

**Turns out he was right. It really does suck the poop smell right outta there!!! No more need for candles and a box of matches--we've got Dr. B's ultra-mega-poop-stink-sucking Fan!!!)

***Well, the downstairs one was. He's saving the other one for next weekend. But of course, the cover is off and I have to look at the dirty nastiness that is inside the old one for a week. I could clean it, but meh.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Can we see a photo? Please?!
Just don't touch those metro tiles in your kitchen. They are too cool.

Mama Bear said...

Can he install one of those in the kids bathroom for me?
Or even maybe the 18 year olds bedroom?

Anonymous said...

fans are hard to do! doug was swearing up a storm doing the one in parent's bedroom at cottage. he says that is the last fan he will ever install. :)

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