Monday, January 07, 2008

Les Fêtes

Back to reality.

Our dear friends left yesterday, after a week of good conversation, good eating, and lots of fun. The house now seems so quiet, with only 3 people and a dog in our home. We really miss them, and miss having such wonderful amis in our neighborhood, like we used to. We picked up where we left off, and shared many a laugh, baby tip, recipe, and a beer or two. They brought us a huge bag of les goodies françaises, including things to make our own pain français, cornichons, rillettes, clothing for Rowan from Du Pareil au Même, bonbons, and lots of other wonderful things that we miss. They can't put France in a bag, but they sure tried, and we had a wonderful time speaking a little, eating foie gras, and drinking champagne as we celebrated La Bonne Année. Too bad there isn't room in a bag for two adults, a baby and a 60-pound dog to sneak back into la belle France.

But, in a way, they gave us something they didn't even know they brought. They showed us our home, through their eyes. We got to play tourists, driving through the mountains, eating out at our favorite restaurants, and sharing the good things about Happy Valley. Finally, Dr. B said, he feels like this is his home. After seeing it through J's and A's and M's eyes, he can now appreciate the place we are raising our daughter. What a special gift. We can't wait for our next visit with them, whether it be here, same time next year, or there. (Donations accepted.)
Bonne Année à tous!

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Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about finally feeling "home" During the first 10 yrs of our marriage and Jon's training we moved from GF to San Antonio(loved it),then on to San Diego(naval internship)then on to Oceanside Ca. From there on to residency, then on to GF for practice. We have moved as much it seems in the last 10 yrs also....but each place had something we really loved and people that are now lifelong friends....We, like you, learned that when you have really good friends that you have seen in 10, 20, 30 yrs you can really pick up where you left off quite easily...the comfort level is always there....glad you had a good time with your friends....B

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