Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Digs for Him

Some of you science geeks may already read Dr. B's blog, Nanomech in Photovoltaics, but you may not be aware of his new blog, on the Nature Network. He was contacted by the journal Nature (yeah, the one you hear quoted periodically on NPR) to be one of their first science bloggers.

He's promised to make me a button for it at some point, but for now, please click the link above if you're interested in the latest news in modern solar cell technology, or his thoughts on scientific philosophy or even just the latest thing that got him thinking.

For Dr. B, reading books on Bayesian Data Analysis or Quark theory or Quantum Physics is "down time, fun stuff!"

Well, that and Stargate.

1 comment:

ROCK said...

Josh watches Stargate. I can handle it every once in a while. Dr B's other choice of reading..yeah I wouldn't make it past the first page!

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