Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm Back!

The computer is working, albeit with a loss of everything I had on it (thank goodness for Flickr). All my music, knitting patterns, pictures, recipes, and miscellaneous other crap I stored on it is gone. Since I've had this computer for 3 or 4 years and never had a problem (and this problem was much less expensive to fix than a new computer would have cost), it really doesn't bother me that much. Macs are kind of like Hondas: they work until they don't. (And it's not often that they don't.) Thankfully, I didn't have tons of really important data on the computer, and my blog is still up. Somewhere, in some box, I have backups of that as well.

So now, I have a brand spankin' new hard drive (about 5 times as big as the last one), and the same keys with all the letters worn off.

Ahh, it's good to be home.

Although I worried some people a bit, the baby's not here yet. At my appointment yesterday (36 weeks), the doc said I'm dilated 1 cm. and 50-60% effaced (she touched the baby's head!!!), but I could stay there for another 4 weeks. I said, "Does that mean the baby could come soon?" and her answer was, "I make no predictions." It could be tomorrow, it could be mid-June. Right now, Zizou is very active, and her new favorite activity is to grind her head into my lower belly and pelvis hard, causing me to groan and nearly making me pee my pants. (She especially likes to do this when I'm walking around at Target.) You can see my belly move on its own if you watch, which is rather freaky. I can't yet see feet, as Aimee did, but I sure do feel them. (And usually push them back in--it's never too early to start discipline!)

There's no hiding the pregnancy now, and catching sight of myself in the mirror is always a shock. I'm bumping into things with my belly, and misjudging how much space I need to get through. I still feel like myself, and sometimes forget I have this humongous bump on the front of my body. This doesn't work well when reaching for a bowl in the cupboard above the stove. (Yes, I have burnt my belly. Smooth move, I know.)

The nursery is mostly done, and I'm pleased with how it's turning out, though our crib hasn't yet arrived. I also found some stuff today that I'm going to Martha into a cool wall-hanging thing for the wall. (Yes, the word Martha is now a verb. Please make a note.) I'll share pics when I can. (We are still filmies here--no new digital yet.) We're not 100% ready, but I don't think we could ever be. Finding the energy to do everything I want to do is very difficult. I am still working, though it's getting harder, and the kids are getting wilder as the temperature climbs. I'll keep going until I can't anymore, because soon enough I'll be at home full-time.

But until then, I better get downstairs and put some more clothes in the dryer. I need something to wear tomorrow, and I've only got so many things that are big enough and cool enough for the projected temperatures (and mine--I'm always hot.)

Good night!!!

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Anonymous said...

I want a full size, standing up, sideways view of the belly! Just like I sent you of brother's wife. 'Cause I think women are adorable at this stage! Your cuz in ND

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