Thursday, March 01, 2007


We love this house.

The porch, the hardwoods, the walk-in closets, the 1910's charm.

The Martha Stewart color scheme, and the beautiful staircase.

The view of the soccer field (complete with the sound of children laughing and playing), and the warm sunlight that fills the bedrooms in the morning.

The short walk to the best croissants in town, a superb breakfast, the biggest weekly farmers' market in the country, a fantastic food co-op, local hardware store, pharmacy, pet store, awesome restaurants and cool, trendy but not too trendy pubs, beauty salons, yoga studios, the lake, vintage clothing boutiques, antique stores, and even the famous Bernie's Rock Shop (not that we buy many rocks, but it's fun to look in the window).

We don't love the heating bill.

So, unfortunately, we have to look for something else for next year. We didn't expect a baby to come into the picture right now, and thought we'd have two incomes. It's just not worth it for me to sub and pay for daycare, so if I am not working (and this would be likely unless I manage to get into the district), and unless we win that lottery we never, ever play, we won't be able to pay for this place. And it's killing us.

We're consoling ourselves with the thought of being more energy-efficient and having a little extra cash instead of being broke, in debt, and depraved deprived like we have been. But, we'll likely be trading all of the charm for a suburban white-walled carpeted apartment within a 10 minute drive of a big box supermarket.

We can't afford to live the life of the typical Madison urban liberal neo-hippie granola upwardly-mobile academics. How do those people do it?

So, anyone want to help haul boxes come August? We'll let you watch our free cable TV.



PutYourFlareOn said...

Oh... (hugs) I know how much you guys love that house. I love that house. But being in the red every month isn't worth it. Have you started looking around for new apts? you know if we were closer, we'd be there to help you move. Julien would, I'd hang out with you and the babes. :)

Roxanne said...

Why would you want to live like typical Madison urban liberal neo-hippie granola upwardly-mobile academics? You are not typical! Besides, those people are probably all drowned in credit card debt.
You could look for a house near campus that includes free heat in the rent.
Our heat bill didn't go down until we got a new furnace; maybe your landlord would replace it. Either way, I can help move in August. Or at least watch my niece and play toys, while you lift heavy boxes :)

Anonymous said...

I, too often wonder how the heck people do it! credit cards, credit cards, credit card and of course, a little line of credit. Couldn't do that, would be a bundle of nerves all the time (in fact, 90% of my now defunct marriage was like that! lol )
good luck with the search!

Andie said...

I wish I could be there to help you like you helped me last summer when we moved! Know the feeling about having to leave a charming place you like- why is it the older it is, the more expensive it is? And, trust me, those Madison academics can't afford their lifestyles as much as you think... One of my good friends who was doing his PhD at OU and then ending up filling the professor postion offered the next fall was in debt by 200,000 dollars!!! Why? Student loans and the cost of 'socializing'. Peer pressure can get the best of you. You guys are doing the right thing- we have noticed a significant difference by paying less rent each month, even though our new place isn't quite as charming as the old.

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up--you and Jeff are just following your dreams, and when you do that, it always works out in the end. Here's hoping your new digs make you happy. Good luck!

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