Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vent* (updated)

We are having the stupidest weather.

Freezing rain, snow, more rain, more snow.

This morning, it took me 45 minutes to drive 7 miles. It was slicker than snot on a doorknob. I spun my wheels at every intersection, and prayed that the rest of the people out there wouldn't be bozos and try to drive too fast, like the hit-and-run guy on Sunday night who plowed into our car. (And no, it wasn't the snowplough--he also totaled a jeep that was parked near us, before he sideswiped us trying to get away before anyone saw him. And no, we didn't catch him either. Dangit.)

Then, I sat for 3 1/2 hours watching American Idol and getting paid for it. I kid you not. At least it wasn't High School Musical again. (Substitute teaching can be so mentally stimulating.)

Dr. B drove with his boss out to Spring Green this morning, which is about an hour outside of town. Understandably, I was a ball of nerves until I got the voicemail saying he had made it OK, and the second saying he had made it back to town.

Then I had to go to Target and buy all that crap you have to have to not smell and have a clean house and stuff. And I had to pay for it. Even though it's payday, I still had a little panic attack. I'm pretty sure I'm suffering from PTSD.

I need to go grocery shopping, but my knee is sore because I slipped in some snow some kid had tracked in the other day at school, so I gave up and decided just to vent all this here and make you deal with my crabbiness. We'll have leftover rice and maybe a dried out turkey burger for supper. And it will be cruddy, but I don't care.

I really, really need my last prenatal yoga class this afternoon.

***Updated: on the way home from yoga, I wasn't relaxed. I just couldn't get there. My knee was still sore, and I couldn't let go during savasana (relaxation). I was still a bundle, albeit a smaller one, of nerves. Then I stopped to fill the tank at the gas station. As I was putting my debit card away, I heard a thunk!, looked up and saw a mini-van that had hit a parked car. She pulled away, and didn't even stop to check or leave her name.

I got her license #, car make, model and color, and a vague description of her. Called it in, and the police came. Got a nice thank you from the car owner. (She didn't do lots of damage, but still. It's just the point.)

I guess that's Karma.

We may never find out who did it to our car, but paying it forward really boosted my mood! Woo hoo!!!


Anonymous said...

Bad weather here also. Very very slippery roads as it rained last evening and then snowed the rest of the night. We returned home from vacation to a stormy Mpls last Sun....2 hrs late. Decided to skip the white knuckle drive home and get up at 6 the next morning. Jon went to work and on Tues went to his 3 day mtg in Phoenix.....don't know if he will make it in tonight as planned. Mpls is getting another storm and has already cancelled over 400 flts. Airport is still open but....I will believe it when I see the whites of his eyes!! Nice....more snow expected tonight and then blowing tomorrow.... Kristi said that they are expecting snow all day and maybe even thunder and lightning.....weird!!!! Take it easy and stay upright! Aunt B

The Bold Soul said...

I love that you paid it forward for the other driver; better than nothing and good karma for YOU.

But the "slicker than snot on a doorknob" thing? That's a visual image I think I could have done without. (grin)

Glad you weren't IN the car when that idiot sideswiped you on Sunday (you weren't, were you?) and you both were safe with those icy roads. Repeat after me: Spring is coming. Spring IS coming.

Haven't gotten my haircut from Min yet but planning to go there in the next few weeks. Thanks for all the 411 on that!

Anonymous said...

Just like J.T (Justin Timberlake) says..."what goes around comes around". I know that Jeff loves a little J.T deep down! :)

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