Friday, February 23, 2007

Make 'Em Laugh

Dr. B has a brother who lives in Montana. I always leave him alone when he's on the phone with his brother--I know he'll be laughing so hard he'll have tears rolling down his face. Though Dr. B and T are polar opposites in just about every way, his brother is one of the only people Dr. B always feels comfortable talking to, and besides me and his parents, is the only one who can really get through to him.

T and his wife have 4 kids (fraternal twin boys, then 2 girls), 2 of whom we've not met yet, because they live so far away, and he works so much (he owns a finishing construction company.) We've either missed them at the in-laws, or not had the money to travel there, or been living in France... there are always excuses. For them to travel, with four kids, is really difficult. We've been trying to figure out ways to get out to Billings to see them, but things always seem to get in the way.

We decided that Spring Break would be a great time to go visit them. I had a week off, I wouldn't be too big to fly, and then we'd get to finally meet our goddaughter. It would cost us two plane tickets, but we were determined.

Then, I didn't get any sub jobs in January. And haven't gotten paid since mid-December. And then I found out that my first paycheck, with all of 5 days of work on it, won't even show up until March 1st.

So, we called them with the bad news.

(Dr. B and Brother T)

"I've got some bad news. We aren't going to be able to make it out in April. Ronnie hasn't gotten paid, and we are so broke. Flat busted. We've even completely wiped out our savings."

"You guys have savings?"

Happy Birthday, T. Thanks for making your brother laugh, and for always making him feel good enough. We love you.

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PutYourFlareOn said...

Ah, that's what siblings are for! :)

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