Monday, March 26, 2007

Doggie Diva

Trying to sleep last night was an exercise in frustration. It was warm, which normally would be great, but I don't have any maternity jammies that are cool yet (and haven't dug through the summer clothes to find tank tops I don't care about stretching out), so the yoga pants and long sleeved T I was wearing made me sweat, even without blankets. The phantom pains increased, not only with the aching joints I've been dealing with for months, but also a little spot on the front of my pelvis and another just below my left boob. According to Dr. B's former undergrad worker (who's now a Physical Therapy grad student) this is diverted pain from when the baby kicks or punches an internal organ. I guess you can't feel your pancreas, so the pain travels to the end of the nerve and presents itself in an odd spot, like the fourth rib from the bottom on the left side.

But the worst part was Lucy. Or, should I say "Lucia Callas"?

Lucy is a howler. Most of the time she is a very quiet dog, rarely barking, and behaves herself pretty well. But when a siren goes by, she busts out into song. A throaty, rich, LOUD song. "Ahh-ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

And last night in our area, there were lots of sirens.

So, from approximately 10:30 until Midnight, I was treated to a performance of Tosca. In my bedroom.


I tried everything. I yelled at her. I pleaded with her. I begged her. I kissed her nose. I stroked her back. I scratched her butt (this normally puts her into a sort of Zen trance, but last night? No dice.) I tickled her snout. I invited her to join me in the big bed.

Nothing worked. She just kept howling.

I shut the window (nearly shutting her nose in it in the process) hoping by reducing the siren noise, she'd lose the compulsion to sing. Nope. Now it was just louder in the bedroom.

Finally, I just rolled over and said a little prayer.

Dear God, please don't let anyone call the cops...


Anonymous said...

Last night, we had the worst night's sleep ever too! I'd closed all the windows because I was sure it was going to rain. Naturally, it didn't (Murphy's 2nd Law of Precipitation). Instead, it just got stifling in our bedroom. We still have the winter flannel sheets on the bed (ick!) and, after hours of sweaty tossing and turning, my husband finally gave up and fumbled around in the dark, trying to turn on our ceiling fan.

They say it's supposed to cool off tomorrow....not that it matters much because I leave for Florida on Wednesday. The funny thing is that the temps forecast for Madison today are nearly the same as the temps for Orlando. Hello, global warming!

PutYourFlareOn said...

OH, sounds like you need some Old Navy Maternity tank tops. Those things saved me when I'd have my preggo hot flashes. They are so comfy and cheap!

Hope you find sleep soon... (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Had 78' in warming or just a fluke.....remember that happening when I was a young kid every once in a while. Anyway no problem....60 and cloudy today and in the 40's by tomorrow.....yuk!

Anonymous said...

Ahh night sweats I know them well.....though not exactly for the same reason.....told K and J when they were pregnant that that is what menopause is like...only goes on longer than 9 mos.....when will it end!!?? B

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