Friday, March 23, 2007

Gimme a Margarita Glass Full of Cheesecake, Please.

Spring is springing, and I am craving.

Sweets. Lots of sweets. Especially creamy ones, like ice cream, cheesecake, and chocolate malt milk.

"It's calcium, for the baby," I say.

Yeah, right.

This winter, I brought this dessert to a friend's dinner party. I made a half recipe, because it seemed rather huge, and it still served 8 easily. It was rich and light at the same time, sweet but not too sweet, and decadently divine. So good, different, refreshing and so easy. (Note: this is now expired. If you want the recipe, please email me and I'll send you a copy.)

If I could avoid all the legal mumbo-jumbo, I'd just print it here, but I don't want to get sued by Michael Chiarello and Food Network, so I'll just leave it as a link. I'm not allowed to post the picture either, so do take a gander. It'll get your mouth watering.


Freeform Cheesecake

1 comment:

mj said...

Tried the link for the yummy dessert and the link has expired. Too bad, cause I'm always looking for a light dessert. Any suggestions?

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