Sunday, February 04, 2007



After being hired mid-December, doing all the interviews, paperwork, fingerprints, photocopies, forms, and Tuberculosis tests, I am finally a substitute teacher in the Madison public schools. I got my official number on Tuesday, and tossed and turned and laid awake most of that night, hoping for a 6 AM wake up call, which didn't come.


So I spent Wednesday writing an email to all the Music and French teachers in the district with my credentials and information, and heading over to the school across the street with my name and phone number and a promise that I could be there in 10 minutes if something came up in the middle of the day, along with ironing every single wrinkled thing in the house.

It's paying off. And I'm not just talking about my ever-so-smooth tablecloths.

Thursday and Friday I taught across the street for the PE teacher who got sick in the middle of the day, 1 and a half days, and this week I already have 1 and a half days booked for two French teachers. I have a guaranteed Tuesday off (inservice in the district), but am hoping for another day or two. I even found out someone requested me last Friday, when I was already booked. I guess that email was a good idea.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is supposed to be very cold, and I do have to travel mid-day, so now I need to find something to wear that fits and is warm. Oh well, at least I'm getting paid. Yippee!

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PutYourFlareOn said...

Yay! This is excellent news! French subbing too! You sound like the sub who does all. :) How are you feeling these days? I bet you have lots of energy! :)

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