Monday, February 05, 2007

"Too Cold"

In January of 1999 in Grand Forks, ND, every day had temperatures of -40 degrees Fahrenheit (in Celsius, -40F is also -40C. This is where the twain shall meet.) Add in the wind chill factor, and it felt like -60 (-51C). This lasted the entire month.

It was officially Cold. (We had a scale. If your snot didn't freeze your nose shut when you walked outside, then it was "cool" or maybe "chilly".)

I layered tights under my wool pants, wore a heavy wool coat, hat (cute hairdo be damned), gloves, scarf, and gritted my teeth against the Alberta Clipper winds as I made my way across the school parking lots three or four times a day, traveling from school to school as the Band Director, grades 5-8, at the middle and elementary schools across the river.

I also ate chocolate "for energy". Unfortunately, my body wasn't listening, and I also gained 15 lbs that year.



These Wisconsinites, despite all their varied charms, are WIMPS.

-15F (-26C) and they cancel school.

Sheesh. I would have missed 4 months every winter in North Dakota had we been that wussy.

And of course, this also means I don't get paid for today.

Dangit anyhow.


jennifer said...

It was -30 degrees overnight and that is without windchill here in Fargo...unbelievable! Stay warm. The high these days has been about -10 degrees during the day. I knew we would more than make up for all those beautiful days before Christmas.

Rox said...

That stinks. I don't think they canceled school here, and it was
-18 when I drove to work. I'm glad my car started!

Anonymous said... your reading list. Have you read The Memory Keepers Daughter? Plan to read it on vacation in MX. Gave it to Nanny and she loved it. Also any of Lorna Landvik's books....they are definitely frou frou reading....nothing deep but great fun. And they are written by a MN women and almost always set in MN. Try Angry HOusewives Eating Bon Bons (about a book club and the lives of the women spanning 20 yrs or so) Also I read Patty Jane's House of Curl(Jenn read while in Puerto Vallarta on vacation and loved it) Really easy reads.
We have to hardy folks here in ND....Sat windchill of -33...NOT FUN. I remember as a UND student walking home to married housing after class....Women did NOT wear pants to school...nylons and skirts...and just shoes....couldn't afford boots!! Sooo cold but we did it. We only had one car so no choice. S'pose you think I am going to to tell you about hwo we ate nothing but tuna for a month, walked 10 miles to class every day and didn't have two nickels to rub together....HA!! I do remember at our married housing apt. that it was so cold and the water pump that heated it made it so humid that one freezing morning I went to open the drapes and they were frozen to the window from the windows sweating!!! Too funny! Those were the "good old days"...believe it or not some of the best!! Auntie B

Flav said...

wow that is crazy! and i complain when it's less than 10C in Sydney!!!
you're so brave to face that cold, I think Australia would stop if we ever had temperatures like that!!!
congrats on becoming a sub!

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