Wednesday, February 21, 2007


While going through my mom's cedar chest, looking for baby things and wedding things for my sister, I found my photo album from the first year of my life. I brought it home with us after the Christmas holiday, and spent a little time going through it with my husband, who was a very cute baby. In fact, many people referred to him as a "Gerber baby" and thought he should model. Of course, this hasn't gone to his head at all.

"Wow, you were bald."

"Yeah, I know."

"No, I mean really bald! You didn't have any hair at all. No eyebrows, even. And you were as white as a ghost! And the way your mom dressed you, people must have wondered if you were a boy. All those striped shirts and jeans and the Batman sweatshirt and funky little sunglasses. Nothing pink anywhere."

"Yeah, she wasn't into the frills back in the early 70's."

"Huh. Boy. Still bald. Bald. Bald. Bald, but happy! Still bald..."

It went on like this for a while.

Then he got to a picture of me at age 2 1/2, in my Christmas dress, my blonde hair in carefully curled ringlets to my shoulders.

"Oh, you got better."

Thanks for that.

So, needless to say, I've been a little worried that our child would be born looking more like me than him, and I would spend the first year of her life explaining that yes, she is a girl, and no, she is not Sinead O'Baby, but will eventually grow some hair, like I did.

Then I read this.

No worries, then. Heartburn, check.

(Thank God for Gaviscon.)


PutYourFlareOn said...

I was bald until I was 2 years old! I looked like a little boy! A cute little boy, of course.

Well, you've seen my husband and how much hair he has. And I've got the heartburn thing going on for a month now... yes, thank goodness for Gaviscon. So, we're going to have a hairy little one? Can't wait to find out!!

buzzgirl said...

Oh, that's funny! My sister was also a bald baby. My mom tells stories of Scotch taping bows to her head!

Doc said...

Sad to say, but wuth the level of heartburn I had with the pooplette she should have been born with locks like Lady Godiva--alas, she was a bold Klingon at birth.

MagE said...

you can just stick a pink bow on her head with Karo syrup, like my mom did to me! I know ew.
but it worked! depends on if the baby is a blondie or has dark hair like Dr. B's too - With or without the heartburn - if she does have blond hair - everyone will think she's bald anyway! You can just see dark hair better.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about that study.....Kristen had horrendous heartburn with all three pregnancies....first two had peach fuzz and then little old Mattie born two months preemie had all the hair !! Kristen used to joke that her kids would come out with a bit round circle with an R in it on their heads....good old rolaids. Auntie B

Nikki said...

heartburn doesn't mean hair or that it's a boy -J wasn't totally bald - but had light hair & looked that way until she was 1 1/2.

Tons of heartburn then.

this time - not so much.

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