Friday, January 23, 2009

Where's WaldoObama?

Rowan is a typical 19 month old. She loves to identify things she knows, and will continue to do it repeatedly, insisting that you confirm her statement. "Cow!" she yells from the backseat. "Cow! Cow! Cow! COWWWWWWWW!!!!" "Cow," I answer, and she is silent.

She knows a lot, but not everything. Parts of the body, she knows. Clothing items. Books. Diapers (and wipes, but those are also "diapers".) Juice, milk, water. Snacks. Banana, grapes, apple, pineapple (also known as "apple"), bread, pasta, chicken. Shoes, shirt, jeans, pants, tights, mittens. Daddy, Mommy, Baby, Kitty, Puppy, Elmo. Daddy. Elmo. Daddy, Elmo. Lights. Lights. LIGHTS. L*I*G*H*T*S!!!

She sat on her dad's lap while supper was cooking, surfing the web with him. He was looking at a political website, scanning the headlines of the day. Soon, she was helping.

"Obada!" she said, pointing to a small picture. Soon, again. "Obada! Obada! OBADA!!!!"

And now, every male is one of the three. Daddy, Elmo, or "Obada".

Really, what more do we need?

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Anonymous said...

Re: the Happy Meals @ McD's----our grandson (5 1/2) has never liked hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta dishes, pizza, etc etc. BUT, here in Canada, we have grilled cheese happy meals (not greasy either)...his favourite. Thinking he might like the fillet-o-fish sandwich without the sauce since he loves fish.

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