Thursday, December 11, 2008

I do not understand this state.

It is 11 AM.

It is 34 degrees.

There is not a flake on the ground.

It's not raining.

It's not snowing.

There's no wind.

We're supposed to have freezing rain at 8 PM. That's tonight.


OK, yes, I grew up in North Dakota, where they don't cancel school when it's -60 F, we have 3 feet of snow on the ground, 80 mph winds, and more snow falling. AND we're all driving around on 2 inches of ice because it's illegal to salt the roads. But come on! This is insane!

Proof: East Coasters are WUSSES.


Wendy said...

Thank you!

Had our first significant snow fall yesterday. Accidents at both ends of the Columbia overpass--at the same time. But we're all still going and no school busses even ran late!

jennifer said...

No one knows how to drive in snow out there....We North Dakotans and Minnesotans are tough people! Hard to get used to I bet.

The Bold Soul said...

Maybe so but think how happy Rowan's gonna be when she's school age and they give out these wussy snow days with no snow.

Shari Schmidt said...

Too funny! We're in Chicago, so I understand your thinking. We once left New Orleans early because freezing rain was in the forecast and they were closing everything down. While we were driving out of town, the news was reporting that everyone was advised to stay off the roads unless it was an emergency. It was just cold rain!

mage2001 said...

Eh... hehheeheee.... Remember when they FINALLY closed UND for A day? not because of snow, but because it was so insanely FREAKING cold - 'throw water up in the air and its frozen before it hits the ground cold'. (fun trick though)
34 degrees... hahaha - it was negative something this am... but did that even cause me to pause... no. sometimes it would be nice to have a snow day when there is no snow, cold or wind. sigh. I am jealous of your wussy state.

Anonymous said...

When we lived in San Antonio, if a single flake of snow appeared they shut down everything. But then again it was safe for anyone on the roads since they would all freak. I do remember when it rained there in the summer, it would pour so hard that they oil from the cars would make it as slick as ice.....they would re-route people onto the frontage roads....safer....

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