Sunday, December 21, 2008

Butter on My Doorpost and Candles on My Head

Yeah, it's been a while, sorry.

Just didn't feel like posting more of "I'm stressed--it's the holidays--ACK!" I am living it, so are you, don't need to rehash.

Rowan's doing well, and getting new words every day. Today we got "Sorry!" which is big, let me tell you. Especially after 4-7 PM. Ahem. She is likely teething again, because a string of weird symptoms led us to a semi-emergency doctor appointment on Thursday afternoon which didn't turn into anything except one MAD little girl who did not appreciate getting checked for a bladder infection. Which she didn't have. Ouch.

Anyway, the blue lips and hands, crankiness, tugging at the ears and sticking her hands down her diaper a lot, more crankiness, and 102.5 fever turned out to be...nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Great. We missed a Christmas party for nothing. (Ok, the weather was bad, too, so it's not all her fault.)

The weather's been weird, cold and then warm and sleet and snow and wind and ice. My gifts are bought, wrapped (except 2 hiding from Dr. B until he goes to his meetings tomorrow), and mailed, and the Christmas baking is on hold because I kind of like it when my jeans fit. We've made our holiday plans, though they don't include driving 48-hours round trip back to the tundra this year. We'll spend our Christmas here, at home, doing our own thing, and that's good. We're looking forward to making our own traditions.

Rowan is loving the tree ("Tee! Pee! Pee!"= Tree, pretty, pretty!) and has only broken one decoration so far. The one-finger touch rule is doing its job, though she usually grabs the ornament with the other hand and then touches it with one finger, but all the glass ones are still in the attic, so it's all good. She loves to listen to us sing carols, and nods emphatically when asked if she is a good girl. Tonight, after the meltdown that lasted hours, I asked again. She didn't nod this time. That's when she learned to say "sorry". Hey, whatever works! I'm sure Santa will be good to her.

Tonight is the winter solstice, one of my favorite nights of the year, because of the sense of hope for the future. I hope I hope I hope it will stop being so darn dark outside. Though the holiday lights are cheerful and uplifting, there's nothing quite like Old Mr. Sun coming back to take away the winter blues. We're celebrating by relaxing on the couches with some cocoa. Just didn't feel like walking around with candles on my head or covering my doorpost with butter. Maybe next year.

Tonight is also the beginning of Hannukah. Though I am not Jewish, fried food is wonderful and I like candles so Happy Hannukah! To Seth, I hope you get lots of high holiday bacon.

Wherever you are, I hope you are warm and comfy and have good things to eat. And if I don't get off my tush and post until then, Merry Christmas, too.


Nomad said...

Oh, the poor thing. Hope she is well now. I am packing. I have caught a cold. ugh. And the temperature has risen to 8 degrees, which is sort of warm.

Wendy said...

I'm so sorry Rowan, and you by extension, are having a rough patch. Fry up some latkes and attempt to celebrate the frustration away!

Anonymous said...

Teething is a wonderful thing isn't it?? Can cause a whole host of weird symtoms. Becca used to really explode with diarrhea and little Michael seemed to get high high fevers and what seemed like seizures....Dr said his way of handling high his body just reacts and protects....scarey!! Hope she is feeling better....How did we get to this point at Christmas where we are so stressed from running around doing it all and trying to have the "perfect" Christmas....we all know that is not possible....I took a LOT of shortcuts this yr and it has helped. Good luck and have a great Christmas! The Boens, too, decided to quit making the 8 hr trip home for Christmas with 3 little ones a few yrs back and start to make their own traditions. A good idea....We will travel tomorrow weather permitting to Minot to spend time with them. Nannie will come with....Merry Christmas....B

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