Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Pitchers

Upon looking at the cover of a book she loves:

"Look, honey! What does the cow say?"


"Good job! What does the sheep say?"


"Well, no, he says 'Baa'. Can you say 'Baa'?"


"Right! And the pigs?"

Right on pitch, and in rhythm... "Na Na Na*!!!"

Thank you, Sandra Boynton. Apparently my daughter thinks all pigs are wonderful singers.

*N's are currently her version of L's. Lucy is now "Nootsy".


PutYourFlareOn said...

Oh, we love this book! Except when I say "La la la" for the pigs, Max yells "no no no" and then goes on to say " goink, goink, goink".

Anonymous said...

Looove those books....bought and read all of them to my grands!

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