Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where I Was

9/11 v5.0, originally uploaded by absolutwade.

Teaching. St. Francis Xavier K-8 School in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, a tiny town about 20 minutes west of Madison. We were in the middle of our band rehearsal, and things were going fine--no big problems or surprises, just a regular rehearsal. They didn't come to get us because they figured we would know soon enough. When my first lesson didn't come down to the classroom, I went up to get them, and found the entire middle school huddled around the television, many of them crying and praying, all of them looking shell-shocked.

Julia (a student) asked me, "Are you scared?" I said, "Yes. I am." Then she panicked, thinking the terrorists were going to target her school next. (The mind of a sixth grader.)

It's hard to believe it's been seven years. Nothing has been the same since.

Thanks to absolutwade for creative commons licensing this amazing photo.

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Anonymous said...

JOn's ex sister in law worked in the towers and was lost that day. Only part of her body was found.....I will never forget what my niece and brother in law went through during the wks after 9/11 searching boards and looking for any info on her. Terrible.....

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