Monday, September 22, 2008

Glue Gun

It's nearly that time of year. The leaves are starting to turn, nights are getting cooler, and thoughts are turning to various types of sweet, sickening, fattening crap we can stuff our gullets with until the sun comes out again.

In other words, the Halloween costumes are back in the store, and bags and bags of "FUN SIZE!" candy is waiting to be consumed. And repurchased for the trick or treaters (who never show up, so you eat it again.)

Rowan needs a costume, and being the creative (read CRAZY) person I am, I really want to make it myself. I am very handy with a glue gun and felt, and even have been known to stitch things when I get a wild hair. Upstairs I have a giant meatball, green and red pepper and mushroom pizza costume (mine), and some couples-costumes of bacon and eggs (I was the eggs) and two trees and a hammock.

So now, I need some inspiration for my 15-month old. Plus, it must be something she can't destroy and nothing can go on her head because she'll just rip it off. And I want to to be clever, G-rated and really adorable. And if it came with an accompanying set of parent costumes, more the better.

Any ideas?

PS Vermont trip updates to come!


Anonymous said...

Lots of good ideas here:

Have fun!

Wendy said...

I've got a couple...

Dress her up as an ice cream cone and then you and Jeff can dress up like soda jerks from the 50's.

Betty, Barney and Pebbles?

Mama Bear said... has some great ideas for costumes, too. Miss 15's prize winning costume was Rudolph. Tan sweatsuit and accessories, easy and cheap.

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