Wednesday, September 17, 2008


She loves the music, originally uploaded by MrsBinParis.

This weekend we were happy to host my sister and her husband for a nice visit, and especially to have Rowan baptized. (More pics on flickr, and more to come when my sis sends them.) Since we really wanted Rock and Josh to be her Godparents, and since I didn't have the heart to ask them to get up early the day after their wedding reception to do it. we had to wait until all involved parties were in the same zip code. Though I didn't realize it until the service started, her baptism day was 35 years to the day I was baptized, though she couldn't wear my dress, packed away in the cedar chest and ironed so carefully by my own mother long ago. Since I was only 4 weeks old when I was baptized, she has long outgrown the gown, but I was able to find a white dress for her to wear.

The service began, and it was a long one. Rowan did really, really well until about 2 minutes before the big moment, when she began to pitch a major fit and ran away from me, across the back of the sanctuary. While Pastor Ron read all the opening lines, she wiggled and squirmed (and the slippery dress did NOT help), yelled and cried, and did everything she could to escape. Her dad held her over the bronze bowl, and suddenly she stopped crying as the water dribbled over her forehead. She twisted around, and to the delight of the congregation, began splashing and playing in the water, banging her palms against the metal bowl and bringing handfuls of water up to her mouth. She's got the spirit in her!

Following the service, we came home for brunch, and were joined by nine of our local friends. We felt very lucky to have made such good friends already, after only being here for a year, and were very happy they could celebrate with us. Rowan fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't wake up until most of them had gone home, but everyone seemed to have a good time, nearly all the food was gone and people were groaning, so I guess it was a success!

Rock and Josh went home yesterday, and I've been busy trying to catch up on laundry in preparation for our trip to Vermont this weekend to see family and to attend some friends' wedding. I'm tired, yes, but looking forward to seeing a new part of the country, and spending some time with Dr. B. The first weeks of the school year are not good for the professor and his wife's relationship--I hardly ever see him!

Now I just need your prayers that she'll sleep in the car. If not, those will be 8 loooooooong hours.


Anonymous said...

Had the same thing happen with the baptism dress. Bought a beautiful little linen gown hand made in Philippines, when overseas, for Kristen. She wore it and I saved for Jenn. Unfortunately she was a yr by the time we could have her baptized.....helllooo....didn't fit!Sounds like you had a good time! You will love Vermont...beautiful! Know what you mean about no time together. When Jon was in med school, internship, practice not time....we are finally getting a little more time now. He still leaves before light in the am and puts in 10 hr days but no wkends(well not a lot) and no on call...yea!!

joann said...

God Bless Rowan. She looks beautiful! What a great dress. You'll just have to save your gown for your granddaughters to come. : )

Mama Bear said...

Rowan looks beautiful in her dress! If I had a brain in my head I would already have sent her a card, but apparently all brains ooze right out when your kids leave for college. I can't remember squat about anything. And no, it's not because I'm 40.

Anonymous said...

We have been to Vermont and New Hampshire many times....beautiful countryside and great shopping (outlets). The leaves may be starting to change now. Enjoy. vm

DeeAnn said...

She looks so pretty!!
What a great moment to remember too.

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