Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It's finally done! Yaaaaayyyyy!!!! (jumping up and down)

Combinations of Excedrin, Advil Cold and Sinus, Benadryl, Vicodin, an injection of Toradol and a fair amount of yoga.

I'm a bit sore, but I can finally relax and not worry that in the next half hour life will become unbearable. When we get back from our trip, I will have an appointment with a neurologist, so hopefully we'll be able to figure something out. I'm not ready or willing to stop breastfeeding yet, but if these escalate again, I might have to. I hope not, but it's better to take care of myself, for Rowan. Though it was a totally different situation, that's one of the things I am still angry with my mother about. I can't do it to my little girl--she deserves to have to put up with me for a long, long time!

Note to self: must do yoga more often. It does help. Now if I could just find a yoga studio in this dinky burg that has day care. I'd love to be back in a regular class.

Thanks for all your concern and well wishes. When you're suffering, it helps just knowing others are out there wishing it wasn't so.


Sarita said...

Yay! I'm so happy to hear this. I was worried thinking about you trying to be a good mama, wife, and person with a persistent pain like that. You are extremely strong!

It is a good day - between your migraine clearing up and Aimee's successful first day!

Nikki said...

Glad it worked!
Another friend of mine did Botox injections - is that like the Toradol? It sounded experimental, but worked for a couple months.

I'm glad you'll feel better for the trip. I can't wait to monopolize an hour or so of your family's time!!!

Kelly said...

Horaay!!!! That is something to celebrate!

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