Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Summer Guilty Pleasures

Summer begins, for me, the first warm day that I can drive around in my car, no socks on (bare feet on the accelerator and clutch), with the windows open, a diet Coke at my side (this year, a Sierra Mist with real sugar), sunglasses on and singing along, at the top of my lungs, to a silly pop album, cranked up.

One year, it was Shakira. Another, it was Kylie.
(Even Dr. B has grown to like this one. Not that he would admit it in public, or anything.)
I've even reached way back into the cupboard for a little Pat. Because, you know, I belong to the night.

This year, it's Mika.

Finally, a man who sings in my range!!!

(PS: is it just me, or does he look to be the son of Frankenfurter and Janet Weiss (Vice)? I'm just saying...)

(PPS: you gotta check out his version. The definition of Fabulous.)

Note for Blogliners: there is a video. You can't see it. Click to my page to view. It's worth it--Mika is a fascinating creature.

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