Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Modern Math: a Substitute Teacher in Special Ed Shows You How

Number of inches of snow predicted today: up to 10.

Number of Recess duties I had today: 4.

Minutes spent outside in the snow, slush, wind and cold per day: 80.

Floors in the school: 3.

Floor I'm on: 3.

Flights of stairs climbed: 24.

Minutes of "Lunch hour": 20.

Minutes of break I get during the day: 0.

Number of bathroom breaks I need per day*: 7.

Number of days I have this schedule: 3.

Bowls of ice cream it will take to get me through the week: 27.

Hours it will take me to recover from each day: 12.

Good thing I passed Algebra.

*(The other teachers have been great about covering for me so I don't explode all over their students--thank goodness I'm showing now. I don't even feel guilty about asking anymore.)


PutYourFlareOn said...

Too many numbersm Ronica!! My eyes started to glaze over near the end... I barely passed Algebra. always found it funny that a math class had the word "bra" in it. Calculus has has "cul" in it. But you'd have to speak French to know what that means.

It's early and I'm writing n'importe de quoi on your blog. :)

afoos said...

Too many numbers just means too much FOR YOU! Remember to sit down while you are teaching if you can, I found I got too tired if I didn't. Then again, we are in France and I never worked past my 5th month 'as a precaution' (at the first minor complication the docs put you on sick leave here). Good luck with the next 2 days!

Anonymous said...

aaah, the joys of being a substitute teacher! Aren't recess duties fun?? Icka! I have the worst luck with recess duty. The only cold, wet and slush of the day will always happen when I have duty. Do try and sit when you can, and don't be shy about asking for help. Us teachers are always glad to lend a hand, right? Your cuz in ND

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