Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I reach 31 weeks tomorrow, and my belly is growing exponentially. Dr. B went to a conference about a week ago, leaving me and Lucy and Zizou tout seul for five days. It was lonely, but I kept myself busy planning the baby's nursery, and waiting patiently for the paycheck that would allow me to begin some of our preparations. During this time Zizou flipped, moving from laying across my belly to head down, or at least sort of diagonal. This means that I am sticking out a lot more, people now ask when the baby's due rather than just scrutinizing my middle and looking puzzled until I say, "yes, I am pregnant." The bladder-punching is gone, hallelujah!

But, this also means I am dealing with lots of 'new' symptoms: the heartburn is worse, the allergies are kicking into high gear, the nosebleeds are back, I have pregnancy gingivitis (today's teeth cleaning was not pleasant), I can't sit in very many positions, I have a hard time breathing and my back has become very, very sore.

Thus, sleeping is becoming more of a torture than relief. I get tired so easily, but there is no way to get comfortable. I can't lay on my stomach for obvious reasons, if I lay on my back my leg falls asleep and I can't breathe, and if I lay on my left side a nerve in my leg spasms like I'm being whacked with a cattle prod.


So that leaves my right side. Fine, with a body pillow and pillows between my knees, arms, under my belly, under my head and supporting my back. I'm usually good for about 20 minutes.

Then I am sore and want to move. But there is nowhere to go.

The other morning, after my 4th bathroom trip of the night, I took up residence on the click-clack, using the back for support. Dr. B saw me and thought it would be worth a try that night, hoping I would get a better sleep with a firmer mattress and more support.

I think he just wanted the whole big bed for himself.

He set me up, tucking the pillows and body pillows strategically, covering me with a down comforter, and kissing me goodnight.

And the next morning, I woke up because I had to pee. Not because I was in pain.

I went to wake him (his alarm had been shut off, but he didn't get up), and he grinned at me as he lay, spread-eagled, in the middle of the bed, hogging 4 pillows and all the blankets.

"I can see you slept well," I said, a little miffed that he wasn't terribly lonely for me in our bed, as I had been for him when he was gone (sort of, except for secretly kind of liking the extra room).

"And you," he said. "You look better."

"Yeah, I slept better last night. I'm not in pain. It's rather nice." We figured we had found a solution, at least until the baby's born. Thank God.

So last night he prepared my place once again, helped me in and arranged everything, and kissed me goodnight. "Sleep well," I said, my voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I will," he said, totally seriously. "I don't sleep as well when I'm worried about you, especially I'm worried you're not comfortable. Kind of like it will be with the baby--we'll be worried that she's not comfortable and we won't sleep as well."

"Yeah, that and when I elbow you in the back when you snore," I countered.

"Yeah, well, that too," he grinned.

I drifted off to sleep, and began having very vivid dreams. In one, I was a part of some sort of group that was running from the CIA. They had found us, and we were loading our moving van as fast as possible and trying to get out of there.

Then Morgan Freeman showed up. He was a CIA agent, but for some reason he was giving me a break. We talked about things, and he was very understanding and kind. (Aside: wouldn't it be shocking if you found out he was really a jerk? He just seems like such a nice man.) He said, "You better get going if you're going to get away." "We're not ready," I said and looked around, "We don't have everything yet." He smiled and said, "You don't have time, but it's OK. Just get going." I jumped in the back of the moving van, and we prepared to leave.

The dreams continued, more in the escape vein (which, of course, I have since forgotten), and I woke up when Dr. B headed to the shower, sore and aching once again. Our strategy of pillow placement, back support and firmer mattresses had failed.

Back to the drawing board.


The Bold Soul said...

Unsolicited dream analysis by a rank amateur: not sure what Morgan Freeman was doing there, but yeah, he seems like a nice guy you can trust. But the part of the conversation: "We're not ready," I said and looked around, "We don't have everything yet." He smiled and said, "You don't have time, but it's OK. Just get going."

Don't you see it? My guess is, it's PARENTHOOD you're not feeling ready to "move" into, even though it's coming at you like the new high-speed TGV coming at Strasbourg. It's like Zizou is saying "ready or not, here I come" (and she's making her presence felt, very uncomfortably for YOU at the moment, that little rascal!) And Morgan was your subconsious' way of reassuring you that it doesn't matter if you feel ready or not, "just get going".

Come to think of it didn't Freeman play GOD in at least one of his movies? A-hem.

Anonymous said...

Ahh welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy.....remmeber all those things from way back when and also when the girls were pregnant.....oy vey the heartburn.....swore every one of those kids would be born with a R on forehead for all the rolaids that were consumed! And the aches, the no sleep, the many-times-a-night potty trips.....all that being said it is definitely worth it....B

MagE said...

sounds wonderful R-
yeish. don't give up on the click yet - have you tried sleeping in a reclining position - where you are sitting up sort of? does that help?
it may relieve some pressure points... but eh_ what do i know!?
fgummeh - that's the verification letters...
feel free to use that as an expletive for any purpose you find fit.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a wedge pillow - to wedge under your belly - I found that made sleeping a little more comfortable... just wait- you are going to grow ALOT in the next 9 weeks!! I had bad heartburn too. Tums went everywhere I did! I slept upright (not fully) for a period of about 3 weeks which eased the heartburn. Try to eat bland foods...low acid foods.

DF in Reims said...

Hi! I'm about two weeks behind you and have been experiencing very much the same things. I swear by my Red Castle Big Flopsy pillow - it's a curved body pillow filled with micro-pearls and can be used as a breastfeeding pillow after the birth. I find it's much more supportive than regular foam or down pillows when trying to comfortable nest for sleeping. My in-laws bought one for me here (in France) for Christmas, but you may be able to find one in the US - their website is www.redcastle.fr. [As for the heartburn, I'm at a total loss, I can't sleep in the reclined position and I refuse to eat bland food!] Good luck, et faîtes de beaux rêves!

Roxanne said...

Hope you feel better soon Ronica and get some sleep. It sucks not to be able to sleep (and this is me coming off a night of no sleep just because I have a bad cold!). Check w/ the dr. to see if there are any sleeping meds you can be on while pregnant. Probably not, but worth a check. Take a long walk or something else to make you really tired. Sleep whenever you can (if you're not working..:) ).

afoos said...

For both pregnancies, the last trimester was spent on the couch. The firmess was just more comfortable. I found putting a pillow between my legs was the only way I could sleep. Good luck and try to get some sleep now, even if it's in the form of a nap every day, because you will really need all the energy you have when baby is born.

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