Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two's Company

This week I've been doing a favor for a friend who is a teacher here in town. Her babysitter's still on vacation, so I've been watching her almost-11 month old son, with me taking Monday through Wednesday and another friend covering Thursday and Friday. At first I was nervous about it, wondering if I'd be completely and utterly overwhelmed. But I knew that PK was a very mellow kid, and since Rowan was once again healthy, I hoped for the best.

And I was surprised. Amazingly surprised.

Though their schedules don't coincide, it's been fine. More than fine. Good, in fact. Watching them play together, interact with each other, share Cheerios and rattles, and even some dueling diaper-filling (Danga dang dang dang dang dang dang daaaaaaannnngggg...) has been really fun to watch. Rowan loves having him around, and I have never been so productive. My carpets have been vacuumed daily, kitchen floor quickie-mopped, dishes done, laundry done, bathrooms cleaned--all because I don't have to be her only playmate. She's not as bored, and her toys have taken on a new gloss now that there is someone to share them with (and steal them from.) We have shared some snuggly moments watching Sesame Street and cuddling on the couch, all three of us, and even swung together on our neighbors' swing set, my arms wrapped around the chains and hugging them both in my lap. His mom comes each day at three, doling out kisses and hugs, and we take an afternoon walk, talking and laughing. I do miss the comraderie from spending time with fellow teachers (and if she had her way, I'd start subbing soon), but hearing how much she misses her son when she's at work, I know I'm not ready.

And now, watching Rowan, I am starting to think, that sometime, maybe sooner than I thought, we will be ready to add another to our family.

But first, there are some more bills to pay. (So don't get excited, Dad.)

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Mama Bear said...

No, don't leave her yet if you can help it. 18 and college comes far too soon.

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