Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Rowan is fighting through the diaper rash, thanks to all the great advice I've received. Dr. B didn't think it would be wise to change the antibiotic now (something about different flora?), but the combination of butt-blowing and Boudreaux's apparently did the trick and most of the rash is gone, the remaining bits not seeming to bother her and shrinking fast.

I've added yogurt (homemade) to her food, and upped her banana and applesauce intake to help the digestive issues, but I think the thing that worked best was missing a dose of the meds last night (woops). Today's two poops were much more solid.

This afternoon, since she'd done those already, I gave her free reign following her bath to run around for a few minutes, drying out. Everyone said, "leave her diaper off as much as possible!" I was told to lay a pad down, but that doesn't do much good with her, due to her newfound mobility and joy in Walking! All! The! Time! I kept an eye on her as she dug through my shoes in my closet while loading shirts and pants on to hangers.

Now I have some advice for you: This stuff is great for removing poop stains from carpet.


Mama Bear said...

Oh NO!

La Rêveuse said...

Yep. And she followed it up with another one, which christened the car seat, and yet one more before bed. That's 5 in one day! I can't wait for the end of the antibiotics.

Kel said...

Watch out for a yeast rash if it doesn't clear up soon. They are VERY common with kids on antibiotics and can be hard to treat. It generally looks red and bumpy like sandpaper....and is VERY uncomfortable.
I love the good advice on the oxyclean...I have poop, pee and puke stains all over my house. I am going to buy some on my next store outing!

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