Monday, August 18, 2008


Yes, we have a girl. We've been to Target, and seen the rows upon rows of pink and purple spangles. We've got nieces, one of whom is a princess, and we've been warned by my SIL that it's coming. But still, we're trying to avoid it as long as humanly possible.

Clothes with "Princess" on them have been nixed, and her wardrobe is a mix of many colors (though she's usually in something kind of girlie when we go out because I am sick and tired of people thinking she's a boy just because she's sort of bald and has on jeans). Her bedroom is nearly pink-free, and could easily be reworked for a boy by changing the floral curtains for stripes. She has dolls, yes, but cars and trucks and balls and building blocks, too. She doesn't seem to have that little-girl-nurturing thing going on (most of the dolls are ignored thus far), and is much more interested in taking apart the remote control, though she does like to stir the soup (AKA the dog's water).

But, apparently, the fashionista gene is already coming to light.

When she was littler, Rowan hated anything on her feet. She'd rip her socks off, and rip her shoes off, as fast as we could put them on. We fell in love with Robeez, because they prevented it and kept her tootsies warm.

Now that she's walking, though, things have changed. She loves shoes. Loves. LOVES LOVES LOVES. She wants them on first thing in the morning, with her pajamas, and would happily sleep in them if we didn't remove them before bed. She loves to dig in our closets and bring us our shoes, and to throw all the shoes sitting by the door outside. She knows whose shoes are whose, and is very bothered when mom puts Rowan's tiny shoes on her gigantic feet. She will bring you her shoes to put on her feet, one at a time, and if you try to pretend you don't know what she wants, she'll hold up the shoe, grunt pointedly, and then lift her foot up into the air.

She's also very into other accessories, and loves to tug at Mom's necklaces or earrings, and turn just about anything into a stole, wrapping it around her shoulders and walking the catwalk of our hallway. The other day it was a scarf. Then the dog's leash. A piece of tulle. Mom's sweater. The strap from my camisole (while I was still wearing it). A kitchen towel. Then, an extension cord.

In planning for her upcoming baptism (her Aunt Rock and Uncle Josh are coming to visit soon), I knew I'd have to find her some shoes. She's long outgrown the ones I got as a gift when she was born, with their lace and satin ties. My own baptism dress, so carefully pressed and preserved by my mother, won't fit her now, so I found a little white toddler dress for her to wear, and even plucked a fancy white cardigan from the hand-me-down box, but I didn't have any shoes.

I checked all the fancy downtown shops, who didn't have anything, and looked online, but was disappointed again. Finally, I packed her up, and headed to the mall. We toodled around, checking the department stores and shoe stores, but had our best luck at Payless. I'm not a fan of their adult shoes, but the kids' ones seemed to be decent quality, and I couldn't beat the price for shoes that may not make it to Spring, especially with the BOGO half-off deal. She was measured, and I chose some white mary janes for her, as well as a pair of beige suede T-strap mary janes for fall.

I created a monster.

This morning, we spent 45 minutes changing shoes, until I finally got smart and hid them.

I am not looking forward to high school.

She's got legs..., originally uploaded by MrsBinParis.

These are her Nikes, a gift from her grandmother, who is planning to bronze them.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a normal 1 yr old to me...Becca didn't get into the frilly sparkly stuff till she was around 3 or 4. And even though she loves that kind of thing she is one of the toughest and bravest of all 5 grandkids(the other 4 are boys)....LOVES to jetski much faster than I want to go..water skis since she was 5...loves to be pulled, bounced and generally spun around while tubing behind the boat at the lake...she is our resident daredevil... Her dad always tells the others that we will have to send them to girl scout camp to toughen them up!!! So take heart. She can wear pink and frills and still be rough and tumble. B Love the shoes. Jenn always cks out the payless store for the kids...their feet grow so quickly....

Mama Bear said...

Miss 10 is a complete girlie girl crossed with a bit of a tomboy streak. She also didn't do the princess thing or the baby doll thing until 2 or 3 years old, your time is coming! Also she love love loved shoes, but not her own shoes, anyone elses she could try on who stopped by the house. Because we ask people to remove their shoes at the door, she tried on all kinds of shoes. I took pictures of her in many different shoes, and now have an entire 2 page spread of Miss 10, then much younger, in shoes of all kinds: cowboy boots, racing flats, heels, rollerblades, workboots, snowboots 10 sizes too big, you get the idea. Very cute!

DeeAnn said...

Our daughters are related! Lilia loves shoes too! She's really into her little sandals right now and can't get enough of them. She also loves her now outgrown tennis shoes. She grabs them by the shoe lace and swings them around and watches them twirl and twirl.

I love the photo of her little feet! Lilias got my giant feet, they are probably bigger than Rowans already. Poor thing.

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