Friday, July 25, 2008

TV People

We're not TV people.

OK, we'd like to say that, but the truth is we can be junkies. We'll go through times when we watch A LOT, then other times when the TV isn't turned on for days, at all. We read a lot, do quite a bit of surfing, and try to occupy ourselves constructively in and outside the house, but sometimes we do enjoy a good veg out in front of the boob tube. There are some series we love, so we do keep up with them in spurts when we have a free weekend. (Dr. Who, Torchwood, and anything SciFi for him, Mad Men, the Tudors, Big Love, and the defunct Meadowlands for me. OK, I admit it, I love Dr. Who and Torchwood, too.)(But his love of Stargate is just a sickness. Really. It's bad.)

Rowan hasn't been exposed much. DVD's she's received are still in their plastic packaging, and her attention span for TV is about 4 seconds, though the sound and music can calm her while she's playing, so sometimes Tom and Jerry make an appearance while she flings her toys around the living room and pushes her rolling seat around in a circle.

This morning, as her dad left for a doctor's appointment and I was left with a baby who got to bed way too late last night (party at a friend's in the country), I needed something to keep her from freaking out and breaking my breakfast dishes. For the first time, she was exposed to Sesame Street.

I miss the old theme song (the new one just doesn't have the same charm as those initial chords did), but it's still a good show. We jammed to the Dixie Chicks singing about the letter "B", watched Gordon practice golfing with Telly helping by adding water hazards, sand traps and a wind machine, and then this song came on. Rowan loved it, and we danced to it as it played and again after I found it on YouTube.

I'm a little airplane nyow
I'm a little airplane nyow, nyow
I'm a little airplane nyow
I'm a little airplane nyow, nyow
And wangity-wang, wangity-wang
I'm a little airplane NYOW!!!


Jess in boston said...

hello! i've been reading for a while, but it's funny that this is the first time i've felt compelled to comment -- i think that airplane song might be Jonathan Richman, who is totally fun. if you haven't listened to any of his music, i highly recommend it for some fun, poppy, boppin' around tunes that both you and your wee one might love. have a great weekend, and thank you for sharing your life with us Internet strangers! :)

Mama Bear said...

Hey! We want video of Rowan dancing! And walking! Get busy lady! :)

PutYourFlareOn said...

We've been watching OLD school SS. The first years, when Gordon, Luis, Maria were all sooo young. Max absolutely loves the theme song. He gets up and dances. I have to get video. Try to find some of the OLD, old school episodes, it will take you back to when you were kid... I had forgotten some of these episodes but some of them really stuck out. Bert doing the pigeon dances, lady bug picnic etc...

Anonymous said...

I think every little one loves SS these days....just like when mine were little. funny how some things never change...just pass from one generations to the next. This is a great childrens' show....always has been and probably always will be!

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