Thursday, July 31, 2008


Future's so bright
Yesterday, Dr. B stayed a little later in the morning than usual, eating breakfast with us, and listening to Morning Edition, while he waited for the next bus. We sat on the couches, coffee cups in hand and with dueling laptops, while Rowan played with her toys a few feet away. Soon, she crawled over to her dad and stood up, hugging his knees and bouncing on the tips of her toes.

He laughed and talked with her for a few minutes. Then, she turned her face to the side and leaned against his kneecaps.

"Pew!" he said, "I think she already pooped."

"Nope," I answered. "She's doing it right now. She's got a rather zen look on her face."

Just then, she lifted her head, gave him a big smile, and let out a breath.


Oh, what a relief it is.


mage2001 said...

I bet Dr. B enjoyed having her poop while holding onto him... well I guess that's better than being pooped on! :)

Lauren said...

I hope he changed the diaper - clearly she intended it for him ,right?

DeeAnn said...

Sounds like she was letting him know she made a special package, just for him!

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