Friday, July 18, 2008

My hand isn't broken.

Thank goodness. It happened yesterday; Lucy needed a tinkle break, and just as I opened the screen door, she saw a rabbit and took off. Full force running from a 60-lb. dog who's been sleeping all morning and the leash became a noose for my fingers. It feels like my middle finger is broken, but according to the X-rays it isn't, so I guess now I can't complain about my poor broken hand. "My sore hand" just doesn't have the same sympathy-gathering power. Sigh.

I was also fighting a migraine and possibly Rowan's bizarre virus, so couldn't even enjoy the collective 6 HOURS worth of nap Rowan took yesterday. I tried, but I felt so sucky I knew I wasn't even doing it justice. Dr. B took care of her after supper and let me veg out in front of the boob tube, locked in our bedroom. So at least they allowed me to fight it, so today I feel pretty decent. We did an Ollie's run, got gas and washed the car, and had the oil changed, too, before coming home for lunch. She's down for her nap now, and after we're going to run more errands that I couldn't do while she was sick.

The doc gave me a scrip for Prilosec for my swallowing and heartburn issues, so I'm planning on cashing in on that free $25 gift card from CVS. I'll later transfer it to Target, but hey, money is money, especially when it's free.

Man, I am starting to sound like an old lady. Next thing you know, I'll be telling you about my Lumbago and wearing a mumu.

Ah well. I do love Werther's Originals and a good cup of decaf.

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