Friday, December 07, 2007


When I was pregnant, I had a few odd cravings. Lucky Charms. Root Beer. (Not mixed.) Donuts. Ice Cream. I ate a lot of organic low-fat cheez doodles, lemon drops, ginger ale, saltine crackers, Mac'n'Cheese (Annie's Naturals--Dr. B insisted on the fancy organic mac) and frozen Canadian Bacon pizza. These were things that I could keep down, and didn't repulse me at the thought of eating them. (Then. Now? A different story.)

After finding two 1960's copies of Julia Child's first two French cookbooks, in near-mint condition, I was inspired. On a bitter cold night, I peeled potatoes and measured cream for Scalloped Potatoes, tweaking it into a meal by adding ham. I pulled out the french cornichons and tossed a lovely vinaigrette for the salad.

And as the scent of butter, cream and pork wafted from the oven, a craving hit.


I wanted a beer. NOW.

Dr. B kindly trudged through the snow to our local liquor shop around the corner and explained it to the grandmotherly lady at the counter.

"My wife is pregnant, and she's craving a beer."

She pulled out 3 bottles of non-alcoholic brew, and popped them in a bag.

"No charge," she said with a smile.

They say kids like the foods that are around them. What you eat when you're pregnant and nursing becomes their preference.

If so, our daughter will be a connoisseur of chocolate, stinky cheeses, ice cream and coffee. Already she's showing that these things, though not traditional American "kid food", are to her liking. Each day, I have to carefully hold her far away from my right hand as I sip my morning java.

And in the evening? Well, watch what happens...

Wisconsin Baby: Beer Loving is Genetic from Ronica on Vimeo.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Hahahaaa!!! I love how she was totally licking the glass. And she denied Dr. B from drinking the beer. Ah yes... this child of yours has good taste.

Can't wait to see you guys at the end of the month! Wooohoo!

Doc said...

That's just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean. Kristen craved fresh berries and grapes by the truckload during her first pregnancy and lo and behold Becca absolutely LOVES those things now. Jenn craved salted nut roll candy bars....something she never ate and doesn't eat now. Don't remember if Jake likes them or not. But one thing all little ones seem to like is BEER....mine, my grandkids, neices, nephews....what is it about beer??? Rowan is getting so big....cute too! Know you will have a good time at Xmas with the Ca. cuzzies! Auntie B

steph said...

oh my goodness Rowan is so cute!! i can't wait to meet her and hold her in person!! :)

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