Friday, November 30, 2007


Lately, I've been complaining. Way too much. Though there will always be things to complain about (I could write a diatribe on the idiotic pedestrians in this town), there are sure a lot of wonderful things in my life, too. Since I missed the holiday (shucks, I was in the Bahamas), it's about time I was thankful for something.

So here goes. This is what I've been thinking about lately. And I'm ever so thankful.

*my beautiful daughter
*my wonderful, thoughtful husband (He just said, "what can I do to make life less stressful for you right now?" and then cleaned things willingly.)
*being able to stay home with Rowan, and play with her in my jammies until noon if I want. (She doesn't care if I have bad breath, either.)
*our supportive family (who watched Rowan for me while I snorkeled!)
*great friends who check on me just to see how I'm doing. I love that.
*Lucy. She's the greatest dog ever. (I found her sleeping on the floor next to Rowan's crib at 6:00 yesterday morning. And the night we came home, she went into Rowan's room to check on her after I put her to bed.)
*adult cartoons. (I love Family Guy. And King of the Hill. And I love that Rowan doesn't understand it yet.)
*chocolate. and red wine. and ice cream. (see last post)
*good books and a library card
*penguin flannel sheets (on sale even!) Because Penguins are So Sensitive to My Needs.
*warm sweaters, Converse All Stars and jeans that fit
*gummy smiles
*snow (!!!) (That's a hint, Mama Nature. Send so me, soon please?)
*how my pores get miniscule in the wintertime
*the feeling of cold air in my nose
*cuddling up in flannel sheets and under lots of heavy blankets
*the lovely warm/cold contrast when you come inside or go outside
*squishy socks and wool haus schus (indoor clogs from Germany)
*drinking hot coffee and watching the snow fall (again with the hint!)
*decorating for Christmas, and remembering the holidays with my Mom.
*the sparkle of the sun on the snow
*the excitement of finding the perfect gift for someone I love.
*wrapping presents while listening to REM Green (personal tradition).
*falling asleep during the movie "White Christmas" (which I have never made it through.)
*Christmas any cookies
*Holiday parties
*OPI tiny treasures Russian collection. Itty Bitty Nail Polishes!
*finding a hairdresser I like who does a good job on my hair (which isn't easy). She doesn't have as many tattoos as KC, but her hair is pink. And she didn't bat an eye when I stopped in and asked her to touch up a spot I wasn't satisfied with.
*Rowan taking naps. Hallelujah! (#2 today, right now.)
*friends who will watch her while we go to a department function tonight. Our first night out together without her--gulp!
*finding convenience foods that are delicious and don't just taste like plastic and preservatives and make me fart a lot later. Hey, I'm a new mom. I don't have time to cook from scratch all the time anymore--I'd rather play with my baby than sautée shallots and clarify butter.
*peace and quiet. Even if it is just for a few minutes while she, her Dad, and the dog take a nap on a Saturday afternoon.
*the firewire that allowed me to get our Bahamas pics off the computer that went kablooey. (I'll upload them next week. Dr. B agreed that tomorrow we go on the hunt for the Christmas Tree. Yipee!)
*finally finishing this post and picking out what I'm going to wear for the party tonight.
*really, I'm done now.

Have a wonderful weekend!


ViVi said...

Ah yes, there's nothing like wrapping Christmas gifts while listening to the dulcet tones of "Orange Crush."

I'm totally teasing because I freaking LOVE that album!!

PutYourFlareOn said...

Great list. :) Made me smile.

Don't forget good coffee in the morning!

I love that photo of you and Rowan. She is definitely you an Dr. B's daughter, I see so much of both of you in her. Amazing.

I miss you guys and just think just under one month we'll be there! Yay!

Gros bises to you three.

PutYourFlareOn said...

PS. The shawl and your new hair look great! :)

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