Saturday, December 29, 2007

Clean up, aisle 6

We're back. The trip was awesome, and we had a great time with the family. We got way too many wonderful gifts (thank you, everyone!), ate way too much great food, and even took a trip to the top of the CN tower (Thanks, Scott and Tracy!) However, the car ride home seemed to last 3 hours longer than necessary (not sure how that happened), and it was a bit dicey, driving through freezing rain and snow, fueled by Tim Horton's coffee and double chocolate donuts. Dr. B is ill, so I drove the whole way (I only missed a turn once, but it didn't take an extra 3 hours, I swear!), and was plenty tired by the time we rolled into our driveway. We drove over the mountain and picked Lucy up at her Pet Lodge (a wonderful place, and I wish I could stay there), and returned home again to find that our beautiful Christmas tree had gone all moldy.


So, our relaxing evening turned into a desperate attempt to undecorate for the holidays. Dr. B's cold migrated to me, and we have been pounding Theraflu, trying to sleep when we can (me with Rowan because Theraflu is not a cure for snoring), and cleaning in short spurts. Our friends are coming tomorrow, and the house is no where near spotless, the cupboards are bare, the gifts have not all been made/gotten, and I'm too tired to care. Happily, I know our friends will understand, especially after what she's been through lately with chicken pox, RSV and a toddler on a cross-Atlantic flight. Rowan is feeling better, thanks to "the Regulator", but I'm wondering if it isn't working a little too well. I never dreamed that much poop could come from such a little girl.

OK, she's down for a nap, so I'm off to shower. Then, more cleaning. And laundry. And grocery shopping.

Fun times.

PS: Congratulations to my cousin and her husband on the birth of their first child!!! We can't wait to meet the newest addition to the family! What a wonderful Christmas present.


Sarita said...

Have fun with Aimee, Julien, and Max! Tell them we miss them! (And we are worried since she hasn't been online in a long time...we want to know how everything is going with Max?!)

Anonymous said...

I caught that spelling correction in your title! Your cuz in ND

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