Friday, November 30, 2007

She must be teething

The vacation was wonderful. She was a charmer. We got home, after the flight home from hell, and still she was an angel, though she was tired. Smiling, laughing, trying to entertain me. She'd catch my eye and give me a big, gummy grin. Bouncing away in her jumperoo, she played happily while I waded through mountains of laundry.

Then came today.

She shrieks and complains from dawn to dusk, and beyond. No naps. Screaming, twisting, writhing, crying. Tylenol gives me 20 minutes of respite, that's it. Her lower lip is red, and she sucks on it constantly. She bites me. And then tries to swallow the entire boob.

She coughs, gagging, and then tries to shove her fist further down her throat. Her attention span has shortened to 4 seconds. She sleeps only in the car when "Baba O'Reilly" is cranked, loud. Then the radio DJ changes to some drippy light rock crap and she wakes up wailing. She's not happy sitting, lying down, being held, standing, rocking, in the jumperoo, in the carseat, in the stroller, anywhere. I've tried the orajel, the cool teething rings, Sophie la Girafe, sucking on a rag, everything. There's just no way to make her happy. She's hurting. (So am I.)

Her dad has had a lot of late meetings and events, so Mom has been going it solo. Thank heavens for red wine.

And chocolate.

Did I mention brownies?

PS. Ice cream. I forgot the ice cream. Who needs meals?

PPS. She finally passed out as I wrote this. Hallelujah. I need a refill.


Anonymous said...

oh... and Whiskey. Grandpa Carl KJ swore by the whiskey... for the babies teeth and for you!
Your Cuz in ND

D said...

You must be so tired. Is Rowan ready now for infant Advil or Motrin? I know she's a couple of weeks shy of six months...but it works SO much better than Tylenol for this kind of thing, in my experience. (You could check with your pediatrician just to be sure, but really it's by the baby's weight, not her age.) You want to use the stuff judiciously because it's supposed to last six hours (like adult ibuprofen, it doesn't really, but...) so give it to her just before bedtime.

I used Hyland's teething tablets with my son, too--I don't know if they helped, but they were totally harmless.

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