Sunday, October 21, 2007


My brother-in-law is amazing. He's a wonderful guy who always makes my husband laugh until tears run down his face. He's dealt with unbelievable things in his life, and always come out stronger. He's a caring husband to my awesome sister-in-law Samantha, and a great father to my 4 incredible nephews and nieces. And he's a very, very talented finishing carpenter who owns his own business, Brownson Construction, in Billings, MT.

This week (10/21), they aired the television show about the Carter Family in Billings who were given a new home on Extreme Home Makeover. Todd's business did the finishing carpentry on the project. (That means the woodwork, doors, windows, etc.) The home is gorgeous (especially the woodwork, ahem), and the story is incredibly heartwarming.

If you missed it, please check out the show at (if you have a US IP address. Foreign ones don't work, sorry.) They don't show him, or even mention him (though they're mentioned on the main contractor's website), but his work speaks for itself. I'm so proud of him!!!

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mage2001 said...

MY goodness... i freaking watched that show blah blah blah... and last night I specifically noticed the wood work. I wasn't all that interested in the story of the people who "deserved" the house, but I was more into it because of the house itself. it was SO! beautiful. (i am a nerd like that considering i try my amateur hand at refinishing wood in my duplex - took too long and renters ruined it - sigh... and get sooooo MAD at friends who paint natural woodwork so they can paint the walls a different color - I digress). But very cool congrats to Todd. very lovely indeed.

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