Monday, August 13, 2007

I Look Like a Monkey, and I Sing Like One, Too

Yesterday was another one of them. Hell days. She started the night before, and carried it over into Sunday. 2 naps, 15 minutes each. The rest of the time? Yelling and crying. Lots of it. (Some from me, admittedly.)

She finally went to sleep around 11, and I knew, I *knew* that tomorrow would be better. It had to be.

After all, it's my birthday.

I woke up, peered over the end of the bed into the portable crib, expecting a sweet smile and a lovely nursing session, followed by another hour of sleep curled up together in the big bed.

And I got a rude awakening.

No smile.

Oh crap... I thought.

Yep. She's now got the stamina for two full days.

I think I cried just about as many tears as she did.

But, finally she settled down around 3 PM and we all jumped in the car to drive to Fargo to pick up the Jimmy, newly and very expensively repaired, and to go out to Johnny Carino's for my birthday dinner. I got a good start on the baby bolero I'm knitting for her (thanks, Flare!), and she was an angel, most of the time (except for about 5 minutes around Hillsboro, but I don't blame her. That sugar beet plant stinks.)

We got home, and I had to use my "crank the music and sing really loudly right in her face making up the words you don't know" trick for about a half an hour, but she's sleeping again.

I think I subbed too many days in music classrooms, if all that calms her is loud music and me singing my heart out.

Too bad I didn't get a karaoke machine for my birthday...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!


Doc said...

Christine screamed for four months straight--screamed so long and so loud and in such a high voice that not only were we afraid for the windows and glasses in the house, but we were ready to sell her screaminess on eBay to get rid of her. Then one day she stopped. Just like that. I don't know why, or I'd be sure to tell you in hopes that it would work for you too. Now she aadorable and sweet and loving, but she shrieks, and oh jesus! I know now why old people are deaf.
Hang in there luv--those of us who have been turned into lumpy blobs of sobs and tears by our children are rootin' for ya!

PutYourFlareOn said...

Happy belated birtday. Where is my brain! I can't remember any dates anymore. :)

She'll give you a break soon. She's due to go down for recharge soon, right? Man, she's going to be an opera singer.

Can't wait to see the baby bolero. I bet it's going to be so cute on her!

The Bold Soul said...

Wow, rough birthday! But look at it this way. THIS year you got what you've always wanted... your little girl! She may not have been acting like the "perfect gift" that day, but you know she is, despite the teen-aged mood swings (already!) At least you had a nice dinner out, and now maybe you'll get a few days' break.

Bonne anniversaire! Bises!

ViVi said...

Happy happy! Speaking of knitting, I'm nearly done whipping up a little sumthin sumthin for the future opera star (tee hee!). The only problem is, I don't know where to send it now! Can you shoot me some coordinates sometime?

Sarita said...

Awwwwhhh! Happy Birthday Ronica! What a crazy year it has been for you - but this next one is going to be even better. A new house. A new adventure. And a baby who will stop crying...eventually!

I'm sending you lots of love (and calming vibes...)

mage2001 said...

HAppy Birthday R!
and yeah that sugar beet plant makes my eyes tear and I know that smell will be gone after a couple miles. Yeish.

happpyy!!! birthday!!!!

afoos said...

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!!!

And what a special one it is!

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