Friday, August 17, 2007


Tomorrow my father is coming to pick up me and the kid (dog is staying at the in-laws'), and we're off to a wedding, and then 10 days at his house in Bismarck, with excursions to visit the GG's (Great Grandparents). So tonight, I packed.

Oy vey. (Am I allowed to say that?)

Thanks to the incredible generosity of my sister-in-law (who recently mailed another 3 boxes of clothes) and gifts from friends, Rowan has enough clothes to outfit the entire state of North Dakota. And maybe Pennsylvania, too.

And me? Yeah, I've always been a clothes-horse. And the fear of no Old Navy in State College forced me to pick up a couple of tops and pairs of capris. You know, because I'll be deprived of inexpensive, trendy clothes that are made in China. (Yes, there's one in Altoona, 45 minutes away. I've already staked it out.)

Plus, with the cloth diapers, disposables (for when we're not at home), burp rags, play mats, blankies, nuks, vitamins, gripe water and wipes, well... let's just say it's a good thing I brought the big suitcase.

And I'm only taking stuff for 10 days. Yikes.

Looks like we'll be mailing stuff to our new home. Maybe we should have bought a bigger house?


Anonymous said...

Good luck! It only get worse as they get older!! B
PS: Kristen just left the lake for home and you should have seen the stuff...yikes.....she did some school clothes shopping for Becca and Josh who start Th.....

mage2001 said...

so I think my cat likes Rowan... I played the squack and Tino just cocked his head to the side and came running up to the speaker (not the pic) he couldn't figure out what the heck was going on either... hahaha... he does however do the same thing to my face when I sing - comes running and shoves his face in my nose. He's a weird cat.

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